Cobblestone Concrete Retaining Wall System for Parking Lot Construction

Project Name

Petoskey Meijer Development #119

Customer Name

Design / Specifying Engineer
Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.

Block Manufacturer
MDC Contracting Precast

Wall Installer
Elmers Crane and Dozer Inc.

Project Location
Petoskey, Michigan

Year Built

Project Scope

One of the biggest benefits of the Redi-Rock system is its ability to build tall gravity walls. Gravity walls require less excavation and eliminate time-consuming grid installation, which often results as savings for the owner of a project. The Petoskey Meijer project is a perfect example of Redi-Rock providing a gravity solution for a project that was aesthetic and economical.

When Meijer, a regional supermarket and general merchandise chain, made plans to open a store in Northern Michigan, the construction site required extensive retaining walls. The City of Petoskey and Bear Creek Township are resort communities located on the hills above Lake Michigan, and as such the new Meijer storefront required an inviting, community-friendly look that fit the resort ambiance of the area.

"We had limited space behind the walls in a couple locations so we didn't have the ability to put a lot of tiebacks in. We liked the ability to have vertical walls with the weight providing the support. That was the main reason we chose Redi-Rock. Plus, the client had seen Redi-Rock walls before and agreed with that look," explained Ken Ruiter, P.E. with Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc, the engineering and architectural firm that handles Meijer new construction projects.

Redi-Rock is a large block retaining wall solution that harnesses the power of gravity using one-ton blocks that stack like giant Legos. In many applications, Redi-Rock walls rely on the mass of the blocks for stability, rather than geogrid reinforcement.

A major benefit of the Redi-Rock system at the new Meijer project was the 9 In. Setback option. Redi-Rock 9 In. Setback walls step back 9 in. each course, creating a batter angle at 2V:1H. In areas where space is critical and minimizing excavation is important, 9 In. Setback walls can provide a gravity solution where other products can't, saving space, time and money on installation. The tallest wall on site stands 11 ft. tall.

The project required over 1,800 blocks, which translates into roughly 10,200 sq. ft. of retaining walls. Six separate walls support the site's infrastructure. Redi-Rock walls support and provide additional space for the main parking lots, create level areas for the gas station, and create an aesthetic entrance to the complex.
To fit the aesthetic needs of the Meijer project, architects chose Redi-Rock's Cobblestone texture and incorporated fencing and coordinating Redi-Rock precast steps, giving the entire project an aesthetic finish.
With Redi-Rock, the options for making the wall blend in with the local landscape are many. From multi-toned coloring, to three natural stone textures to choose from, Redi-Rock truly blends in to create a community friendly look. Redi-Rock walls are built using massive one-ton precast concrete blocks which harness the power of gravity to create tall walls that often don't require reinforcement. In addition to retaining walls, Redi-Rock offers coordinating Freestanding walls, columns, steps and caps to meet a project's hardscaping needs.

Another benefit of using Redi-Rock for the Meijer project was that Redi-Rock walls have a proven track record of blending in with historic sites across the country—from a national historic harbor on Mackinac Island in Michigan, to a park near the classic downtown district of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Great Depression-era state parks in Topeka, Kansas. The look of natural stone achieved through Limestone, Cobblestone or Ledgestone textures help Redi-Rock walls blend in with the existing aesthetics of a town.

"Today, owners aren't only looking for pleasing aesthetics," explained George Heckendorn, National Account Manager for Redi-Rock. "A Native American chief in Montana told us what owners are looking for—and that's a wall that looks like it was 'born here, rather than put here.' The beauty of Redi-Rock is that it fits that ideal."

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