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What Is Redi-Rock?

We could spend hours describing all of the amazing things that you can do with Redi-Rock blocks (and if you've got the time, call us up and we would love to do just that!) However, if you're in the market for a retaining wall and just want the highlights of the Redi-Rock retaining wall system, check out this video for the need-to-know basics. 

Design Reinforced Retaining Walls: PC System

Learn about the advantages of the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System in this video from the Redi-Rock engineering team. 

Quick and Easy Retaining Wall Installation

Redi-Rock retaining walls quick and easy to install. But don't just take our word for it - watch this video to learn about Redi-Rock installation from actual installers!

How to Repair A Slope After A Landslide

See how the City of Bellevue, WA used Redi-Rock gravity walls to repair damage to a neighborhood and roadway after a landslide.  

How to Reduce Right of Way Requirements for Highway Construction

The width of this roadway needed to be doubled, but access to a winery above the highway needed to remain open. Engineers chose a Redi-Rock gravity wall to minimize excavation and keep access!

Vertical Gravity Walls for Highway Expansion

See how this Redi-Rock Cobblestone wall allowed a Washington county to double the width of a roadway but minimize right of way requirements!

How To Replace Failing Retaining Walls

 See how this homeowner used Redi-Rock walls to replace a failing retaining wall below a pool. Watch above!

How to Stabilize Banks with Retaining Walls

See how engineers designed a solution to stabilize this ditch/storm channel to prevent future erosion and improve the aesthetics of this neighborhood.

How To Design Headwalls and Wing Walls for Tunnels

See how this kid's camp used Redi-Rock retaining walls to build headwalls and wing walls to flank a tunnel walkway. Now the kids have safe access under the busy highway!

How to Build a Man Cave - Landscaping

For this homeowner, creating a "man cave" required some innovative landscaping choices--and Redi-Rock was the perfect fit. Check out the solution in the video above! 

Engineers Choose 41' Tall Reinforced Wall for Park

21st Century Parks chose Redi-Rock Positive Connection System reinforced walls to create the roadways for an extensive new park system.  "The PC System saved on geogrid and helped with the connection issue that would exist with other systems," the design engineer said. Watch above.

Build Tall Reinforced Retaining Walls  For Winery

When the owners of this WA winery required an 18 ft. tall vertical retaining wall for their new production facility, they turned to Redi-Rock. Redi-Rock's Positive Connection System for reinforced walls created a cost-effective solution that could handle the live loading conditions and be installed fast.

Retaining Walls for Home Construction

When this California homeowner needed to reinforce the hillside below his home, he chose Redi-Rock retaining walls for their aesthetics, engineered strength, and dependability. See what he thinks of the finished project!

Walls Create Grand Entrance In Tight Space

The available space to build a driveway to this property was very tight. Using Redi-Rock retaining walls allowed the contractor to build tall gravity walls within the tight parameters without using geogrid or encroaching on the neighboring property lines.

Design Retaining Walls for Erosion Problems

Cobblestone gravity wall was constructed along this busy road after flooding caused serious erosion to the slope. Since a cemetery is located on the hill above the road, minimizing excavation was paramount. 

How To Build Aesthetic Storm Channels

A Ledgestone storm channel protects this Kentucky neighborhood from erosion and flooding. Hear what the engineers, city officials, and homeowners think of Redi-Rock! 

19.5-Ft. Retaining Wall Solves Construction Dilemma

19.5 ft. tall Ledgestone gravity wall makes way for an access road to the new Cincinnati FBI headquarters. Hear from the engineer, city officials, and installer in this video! 


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Redi-Rock's Toolbox

Analysis Software:

Did you know that Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software can help you design Redi-Rock gravity walls? Check out the Analysis Software and view tutorial videos to help you get started.


May 20, 2015
Redi-Rock Featured in Erosion Control Magazine Article

Alfond Center for HealthCheck out the article, "A Wall For All Seasons" in the June 2015 issue of Erosion Control Magazine. The article highlights a variety of retaining wall products and projects including the Alfond Center for Health project by Redi-Rock of Central Maine. Click here to take a look!

May 12, 2015
Redi-Rock Receives Award

MI Top 50 Companies to WatchRedi-Rock International was honored with the "Michigan 50 Companies to Watch" award on May 7, 2015 at the eleventh annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event in Lansing, MI. The award, sponsored by Michigan Celebrates Small Business, honors growth-oriented businesses in a wide variety of industries based on market expansion, job creation, technological innovation, and community impact. Click here to read more about the award!