• A Curving Staircase
  • A Seat Wall
  • A Small Stairway
  • A Capped Barrier Wall
  • A Grand Staircase
  • A Capped Retaining Wall
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Textures Split Limestone

What Do Steps & Caps Look Like?

Redi-Rock Step/Cap blocks are textured on the top and sides to create an aesthetic finish for any wall of staircase. The natural split limestone textures integrate beautifully with other Redi-Rock products but look great on their own as well. The consistent dimensions make them easy to install and safe for pedestrians.

Split Limestone

Each Redi-Rock Step/Cap block is textured with the look of natural split limestone. This gives steps and caps an aesthetic look, and it also creates a safe walking surface for pedestrians.

Contact your local manufacturer for color options!

Step - cap retaining wall big block
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  • What Does This Block Weigh?
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How to Install

Quick and easy.

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