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2017 Rocky Award Recipients

The Redi-Rock Rocky Awards are an honor recognizing the best Redi-Rock walls built around the world. They're given out in five different categories including Water Application, Commercial Application, Innovative Application, Freestanding, and People's Choice. Learn more about the 2017 winners below!

Commercial Wall of the Year

Water Application Wall of the Year

Freestanding Wall of the Year

Innovative Wall of the Year

People's Choice Wall of the Year


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Decade long upgrade project at Dallas Baptist University required several retaining walls

Commercial Wall of the Year

SI Precast - Dallas Baptist University Improvements

As enrollment at Dallas Baptist University has grown, its campus has needed to grow and adapt as well. As part of the Dallas Baptist master plan, Redi-Rock retaining walls have become an integral part of creating space for campus expansion while maintaining the aesthetic look of the campus.

The most recent project on campus required several retaining walls to create a detention pond and space for a new building. The project required gravity walls, Positive Connection System walls, and freestanding walls all supplied by local Redi-Rock manufacturer SI Precast.

  • Engineer: Walter P. Moore
  • Installer: Environmental Safety Services Inc. & Builder Services Co.
  • Manufacturer: SI Precast
  • Year Built: Multiple Years
  • Location: Dallas, Texas

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Doubling the size of the detention pond allows for road expansion

Water Application Wall of the Year

Wilbert Vaults of Houston - Memorial City Redevelopment Authority

Nearby road renovations meant the Memorial City Redevelopment Authority needed to expand its existing detention pond. Property line restrictions made using a geogrid reinforced system impossible.

Wilbert Vaults of Houston provided 4,000 gravity retaining wall blocks, successfully increasing the detention pond depth by 19 feet (6 meters). The 22,000 square foot (2044 square meter) gravity solution needed no geogrid reinforcement, installed quickly, and cost less than other systems.

  • Engineer: Aviles Engineering Corp.
  • Wall Design: JC Hines and Associates
  • Installer: Gulf Coast Pavers
  • Manufacturer: Wilbert Vaults of Houston
  • Year Built: 2015
  • Location: Houston, Texas

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Freestanding wall and barrier help create safe parking lot for new construction

Freestanding Wall of the Year

Schreiter Concrete - Magic Block Project

When opening a new gas station and convenience store in St. Peters, Missouri, designers were faced with the challenge of maximizing space on a tight lot. 

Engineers chose Redi-Rock retaining walls from local manufacturer Schreiter Concrete to give the project an aesthetic look while creating the space required. In addition, the Redi-Rock Magic block was used to create a barrier and integrate fencing to prevent errant traffic and pedestrians from pitching over the wall. 

  • Engineer: Clint Hines, PE
  • Installer: Retaining Wall Solutions, Inc. 
  • Manufacturer: Schreiter Concrete
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Location: St. Peters, Missouri

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Retaining walls help support recreational path through rocky mountains

Innovative Wall of the Year

Signature Stone - Peaks to Plains

Two Colorado counties needed over three miles of retaining walls to build a 10-foot wide trail through a narrow canyon. Steep slopes gave this project limited space, and installers needed to minimize excavation to protect the environment.

Signature Stone provided the Redi-Rock gravity wall system in the Ledgestone texture to solve the site challenges and blend in with the natural landscape. To date, this project includes 42,000 square feet (3902 square meters) of Redi-Rock retaining walls, with more to come.

  • Engineer: Muller Engineering & Ground Engineering
  • Installer: Concrete Express, Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Signature Stone
  • Year Built: 2016 - Ongoing
  • Location: Jefferson County & Clear Creek County, Colorado

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Historic school gets new parking lot and bus loop thanks to new retaining wall

People's Choice Wall of the Year

Foster Supply, Inc. - Hazel Green Elementary 

In 2015, Hazel Green Elementary launched a construction project to improve parking and bus access for students. Grade changes presented a significant challenge for the project; right in front of the building was an unsightly slope that needed to become a functional bus loop.

The wall designer chose the Redi-Rock gravity wall system in the Ledgestone texture from local Redi-Rock manufacturer Foster Supply, Inc. Three gravity walls, freestanding blocks, and a safety fencing system solved the project challenges while meeting the school's aesthetic goals.

  • Engineer: Mattingly Engineers, LLC
  • Installer: Philpot Enterprises
  • Manufacturer: Foster Supply Inc.
  • Year Built: 2015-2016
  • Location: East Bernstadt, Kentucky

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