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Redi-Rock Wall Freeware

Developed by GEO5 for designing and analyzing Redi-Rock Gravity Walls


At Redi-Rock, we don't just offer precast modular blocks for retaining walls. We also give you the technical details, resources, and support you need to back up the integrated system of wall solutions. 

One of those tools to support the system is Redi-Rock Wall Freeware. This robust software to design and analyze cross sections of Redi-Rock gravity walls was developed by FINE Software -- the experts behind the GEO5 geotechnical suite of software.

Redi-Rock Wall FreewareWith Redi-Rock Wall Freeware, you'll be able to:

  • Select from hundreds of international design codes (including ASD and LRFD)

  • Model various site conditions including soil layers, load types & locations, and water conditions

  • Analyze for slope stability and bearing capacity

Designing a structurally sound retaining wall that's within budget is a tall task, and Redi-Rock is here to help. Fill out the form to download your copy of Redi-Rock Wall Freeware now! 

Note: Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software is a Microsoft/Windows application (compatible with Vista or newer); unfortunately, it is not supported by OSx. The download for Redi-Rock Wall is an executable (.EXE) file.



Please complete the registration form below to get your copy of Redi-Rock Wall Freeware. You'll receive an email with a link to download the freeware when you submit the form.

Easy to Use Workflow 

For an extremely robust tool, Redi-Rock Wall Freeware is still easy to use. The top-down workflow ensures you don't miss any important details for your project. With the ability to easily track and edit all inputs and check and compare all modes of failure, you'll find the confidence you need in each gravity wall solution you design. 

Robust Input Options 

With Redi-Rock Wall Freeware, you're never stuck with "generic" inputs. The program's geotechnical input options include: 

  • Select appropriate soil layers 
  • Use various terrain profiles at the top and bottom of wall
  • Define water conditions in front of and behind wall
  • Factor in earthquake conditions

Helpful Training Videos 

Learning a new software can be daunting, but we'll help you get started with a series of concise training videos that walk you through the program step-by-step. Access the training videos by filling out the form to get your copy of the Freeware!

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