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Redi-Rock: One Integrated System of Wall Solutions

Redi-Rock large block retaining walls hit the market in 2000, and since then the integrated system of wall solutions has expanded to cover a broad array of applications.

Whether you've never heard of Redi-Rock before or you're an old pro, connecting with our knowledgeable staff can bring you the insight you need to create more value in your work.

While presentations can be catered to your specific needs, you can generally expect to learn about: 

  • Products: the components of the Redi-Rock system that can be combined to create solutions across various applications
  • People: the individuals at your local manufacturer and the folks at Redi-Rock headquarters who can answer any questions you have along the way
  • Technology: the tools and resources readily available to help troubleshoot even the toughest of retaining wall challenges

Reach out via the form at the right, and we'll be in touch to coordinate the logistics of a presentation with you.

Note: One Professional Development Hour (PDH) is available upon completion of this presentation. 

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