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As a civil or municipal engineer, it's up to you to design retaining walls for community infrastructure projects that not only provide structural support that will stand the test of time, but that will also make your community look great. No pressure at all, right? 

With its superior aesthetics and proven engineering, its easy to see why municipal engineers around the world have used the Redi-Rock® retaining wall system to:

  • support local roadways
  • create space for bike paths
  • construct outdoor stages and amphitheaters
  • protect against flooding and erosion
  • provide access to local park and trail systems and much more!

The Redi-Rock retaining wall system uses massive, one ton precast blocks that stack together like giant Legos and harness the power of gravity to create tall, reliable walls. It installs quickly and easily, allowing many cities and counties to use their own construction crews to install Redi-Rock walls. And with a variety of beautiful face textures to choose from that feature the look of natural stone, designers can select the option that looks best in their area to create a consistent, timeless look throughout each project. 

How can Redi-Rock help you design a municipal retaining wall that your community will be proud of?

Featured Construction Detail

One of the most common types of projects municipalities complete with Redi-Rock are culverts, head walls, and wing walls. Check out this culvert construction detail here, then head over to the full library of construction details to see what other problems Redi-Rock can help you solve.

Redi-Rock Culvert Construction detail for municipal retaining walls

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Why choose Redi-Rock for city retaining walls?

City and county engineers use Redi-Rock on city retaining walls to provide a great looking solution for local infrastructure projects. Watch this video for a great example of how engineers for the City of Lacy, Washington designed a beautiful municipal retaining wall solution to minimize right-of-way-requirements on a local roadway in this suburban community.

Design Resources for Municipal Applications

Redi-Rock is an aesthetic, engineered solution ideal for municipality retaining wall projects. Access the Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software, Design Charts, and other engineering resources here!

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Construction Details for Municipal Projects

For tips and tricks on installing Redi-Rock on municipal retaining wall projects, be sure to take advantage of the Redi-Rock Construction Details here!

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Municipal and Park Retaining Wall Case Studies

Mackinac Island Harbor Retaining Walls

Mackinac island State Harbor, Mackinac Island, Michigan
Designing and construction of harbor walls, columns, fencing, and seat walls on Mackinac island required a structural solution that would match the classic look of this historic park.

Shawnee Sports Complex Retaining Walls
Shawnee County Sports Complex, Topeka, Kansas

When Shawnee County, Kansas, needed to renovate one of its sports complexes, it was met with some unique challenges due to the sloping terrain of the site. Three Redi-Rock walls helped level out the sire and create space for bleachers and a sidewalk.

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Gravity Retaining Wall for Cincinnati Building
Ronald Reagan Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio

When the FBI headquarters near Cincinnati was relocating, the township needed to create an 19.5 foot tall retaining walls to separate the access road from a neighborhood. See how they did it with Redi-Rock gravity walls!

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Veterans Park Construction on Raisin River
Veterans Memorial Park, Monroe, Michigan

The construction of the Veterans Memorial Park required US Army Corps involvement because it is located on the River Raisin, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Corps. See how this unique riverside park got a much needed facelift using Redi-Rock!

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Monon Pedestrian Bridge Construction
Monon Pedestrian Bridge, Hamilton County, Indiana

The city of Indianapolis calls the Monon Greenway one of the busiest urban greenways int he nation, and providing this bridge crossing over 146th Street was key to the success of the trail's northward expansion.

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Centre Pointe Retention Pond
Centre Pointe Retention Pond, West Chester Township, Ohio

This aesthetic pond was designed as the focal point of a downtown development in Ohio. Lining the pond with Redi-Rock retaining walls allowed the township to prevent erosion while creating a pleasing look for the area.

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Park and Municipal Retaining Wall Photo Gallery

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