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Sales Internship - Grand Rapids, MI

We are looking for awesome interns in Grand Rapids that like to have a good time, have a killer work ethic, and have a curious/analytical mind. Our sales office is located in downtown Grand Rapids, and we need our interns to do the detective work to identify hot markets and producers for our new precast concrete product lines across the country.

Sales Interns lay the foundation for what we do on our sales team at Redi-Rock International. They help  identify hot markets, projects, and key players so our team can engage and change the construction industry. They also help in developing and conducting presentations, as well as making calls to identify key players in target markets.

If you can do some or all of these things, you might just be our new best friend:

  • Ability to rock basic computer functions like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Sheets, Mail, etc.
  • Capacity to create presentations, graphs, scales, etc to demonstrate the value behind a market
  • Ability to develop and conduct sales presentations and calls
  • Sick Pong Skills: Our ongoing ping pong matches help us sharpen our competitive edge
  • Have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and ability to communicate

 What's it like working here? Redi-Rock is a growing, innovative company that's on the cutting edge of our industry. Our team is coming up with tools, technology, and strategy that no one else is doing. We lead the pack, and we need sharp people to lead with us. At Redi-Rock, we value three things above all else. We're not always perfect at these, but we're constantly leaning in this direction. If you're going to fit in here, it's because you:

Lead the way: You take initiative to help establish the future of our company and industries, for the good of our customers and stakeholders. You "make it better" by leading and being led, and by pursuing sound new ideas.

Don't give up: When work becomes difficult, you trust that it's because it's work worth doing. You approach each endeavor with tenacity - no matter the challenge, you don't give up. 

Make time to care: Life and work are a gift. Therefore, you do not define any person by what they can achieve or produce, and you reject the cultural idea that being constantly busy is the best way to live. Instead, you choose to thrive by generously attending to the needs of others, including your families, coworkers, and customers.


  • High School Degree
  • Pursuing a college degree -or- ability to convince us that your experience outweighs the value of a degree.
  • A great attitude, curiosity, analytical skills, and a passion for our values

To Apply:

So, if you are looking to start on the ground floor of a new startup and make a real impact, let us know and apply now!

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