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Jake Manthei


Connect with Jake on LinkedIn or by e-mail at jake@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3023

Ben Manthei


Connect with Ben by e-mail at ben@redi-rock.com

Kevin Loe

Director of Sales

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn or by e-mail at kevin@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3029

Jamie Johnson, PE

Director of Engineering and Operations 

Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn or by e-mail at jamie@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3030

Chip Reeves

Chip Reeves

Director of Marketing 

Connect with Chip on LinkedIn or by e-mail at chip@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3088 

Elizabeth (Bizzy) Sherwood

Market Intelligence Manager

Connect with Bizzy on LinkedIn or by email at bizzy@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3022

Casey Meadows

Business Consultant Manager

Connect with Casey on LinkedIn or by e-mail at casey@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3025

Andy Manthei

Business Development Rep - North America 

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or by e-mail at andy@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3049

Andrew Nickodemus

Business Developer

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn or by e-mail at andrew@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3041

Liam Donohoe

Liam Donohoe

European Technical Manager

Connect with Liam on LinkedIn or by e-mail at ldonohoe@redi-rock.com
Phone: +44 7475 632057

Matt Willis, PE

Business Consultant - Western US

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn or by e-mail at mwillis@redi-rock.com
(816) 437-0716 

Scott Mathie

Business Consultant - Northeastern US

Connect with Scott on LinkedIn or by e-mail at smathie@redi-rock.com
(414) 412-7888

Colin Johnson, PE

Business Consultant - Southeast US

Connect with Colin on LinkedIn or by e-mail at cjohnson@redi-rock.com
(423) 364-7008

Zach Tabor

Business Consultant - North America

Connect with Zach by email at zach@polebase.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3048

Nils Lindwall, PE

Design Resources Manager

Connect with Nils on LinkedIn or by e-mail at nlindwall@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3086


Daniel Cerminaro, EIT

Engineering Specialist 

Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn or by e-mail at daniel@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3035

Jake Kloss, PE

Forms and Equipment Manager

Connect with Jake by email at jkloss@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3058

Matt Walz, PE

Testing Manager

Connect with Matt by e-mail at mwalz@rosettahardscapes.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3040

Tom Ruthig

CAD Designer

Connect with Tom by e-mail at truthig@redi-rock.com

Jeremy Reynolds

Operations Manager

Connect with Jeremy by email at jreynolds@rosettahardscapes.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3082

Matt Purroll

Operations Specialist

Josh Jarema

Operations Specialist

Larry Pop

Operations Specialist

Scott Pugh

Operations Specialist

Bob Pinicali

Operations Specialist

Josh Browe

Josh Browe

Operations Specialist

Joey Hood

Operations Specialist 

Koren Klumpp

Creative Director

Connect with Koren on LinkedIn or by e-mail at koren@rosettahardscapes.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3068

Matilyn (Mattie) Ozment

Content Team Leader

Connect with Mattie on LinkedIn or by e-mail at matilyn@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3064

Cayce Armstrong

Marketing Specialist

Connect with Cayce on LinkedIn or by e-mail at carmstrong@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3065

Allison Vroman


Connect with Allison by e-mail at avroman@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3045

Nate Bortz Redi-Rock Marketing Specialist

Nate Bortz

Marketing Specialist 

Connect with Nate on LinkedIn or by e-mail at nbortz@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3077

Jessalyn Tamez

Graphic Designer 

Connect with Jessalyn on LinkedIn or by e-mail at jtamez@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3061

Emma Cannon

Admin/Marketing Assistant

Connect with Emma on LinkedIn or by e-mail at ecannon@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3036

Lindsey Manthei O'Connor

Special Projects

Connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn or by e-mail at lindsey@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3032

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