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Jake Manthei


Connect with Jake on LinkedIn or by e-mail at jake@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3023

Ben Manthei


Connect with Ben by e-mail at ben@redi-rock.com

Kevin Loe

Sales Director

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn or by e-mail at kevin@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3029

Jamie Johnson, PE

Director of Operations and Engineering

Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn or by e-mail at jamie@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3030

Lindsey Manthei O'Connor

Director of Marketing 

Connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn or by e-mail at lindsey@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3032

Elizabeth (Bizzy) Sherwood

Inside Sales Rep

Connect with Bizzy on LinkedIn or by email at bizzy@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3022

Casey Meadows

Business Consultant Manager

Connect with Casey on LinkedIn or by e-mail at casey@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3025

Andy Manthei

Business Development Rep

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or by e-mail at andy@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3049

Andrew Nickodemus

Business Development Rep - Europe

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn or by e-mail at andrew@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3041

Matt Willis, PE

Business Consultant - Western US

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn or by e-mail at mwillis@redi-rock.com
(816) 437-0716 

Scott Mathie

Business Consultant - Northeastern US

Connect with Scott on LinkedIn or by e-mail at smathie@redi-rock.com
(414) 412-7888

Colin Johnson, PE

Business Consultant - Southeast US

Connect with Colin on LinkedIn or by e-mail at cjohnson@redi-rock.com
(423) 364-7008

Zach Tabor

Inside Sales 

Connect with Zach by email at zach@polebase.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3048

Daniel Cerminaro, EIT

Geotechnical Engineer

Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn or by e-mail at daniel@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3035

Jake Kloss, PE

Mechanical Engineer

Connect with Jake by email at
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3058

Matt Walz, PE

Plant Engineer

Connect with Matt by e-mail at mwalz@rosettahardscapes.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3040

Matt Purroll

Operations Specialist

Jeremy Reynolds

Order Processing Manager

Connect with Jeremy by email at jreynolds@rosettahardscapes.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3082

Josh Jarema

Operations Specialist

Larry Pop

Operations Specialist

Scott Pugh

Operations Specialist

Koren Klumpp

Creative Director

Connect with Koren on LinkedIn or by e-mail at koren@rosettahardscapes.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3068

Matilyn (Mattie) Ozment

Marketing Specialist

Connect with Mattie on LinkedIn or by e-mail at matilyn@redi-rock.com 
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3064

Cayce Armstrong

Marketing Specialist

Connect with Cayce on LinkedIn or by e-mail at carmstrong@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3065

Nate Bortz

Marketing Specialist 

Connect with Nate on LinkedIn or by e-mail at nbortz@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3077

Emma Cannon

Admin/Marketing Assistant

Connect with Emma on LinkedIn or by e-mail at ecannon@redi-rock.com
(866) 222-8400 ext. 3036

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