See How Precast Concrete Blocks Can Help In Road Expansion Projects!

Redi-Rock allowed the city of Lacey, Washington to expand bustling Mullen Road from 2 to 5 lanes to accommodate their rapid population growth! The project includes 7 different retaining walls. one standing 13.5' tall! Thanks to Active Construction, Inc. for installing the walls in record time! They installed roughly 7,000 sq. ft. of wall in only a month.

The retaining walls were constructed as gravity structures using Redi-Rock's massive interlocking blocks in widths of 41 and 60 inches (1030 and 1520 millimeters) with 9" setbacks. Freestanding units topped the gravity blocks on some of the project's walls.

Redi-Rock wall systems make municipality projects run smoothly with quick installations and the ability to work in tight footprints. In this project, keeping traffic flowing during construction was essential - and Redi-Rock made that possible!


Gravity Retaining Wall Blocks - Massive, one-ton Redi-Rock gravity blocks rely on the sheer mass of each block to hold back the earth.

Freestanding Blocks - Redi-Rock freestanding blocks are textured on both sides, giving above-grade walls an unbeatable, finished look for any project you design.

Retaining Wall Accessories - Steps, caps, and columns coordinate with Redi-Rock retaining wall products to give your project a cohesive look.

Cobblestone Texture Blocks - One of the beautiful face texture options offered on Redi-Rock blocks.