One of the best things about Redi-Rock is that all of the different products work together. Accessories like steps, caps, and columns coordinate perfectly with Redi-Rock retaining and freestanding walls to create a great-looking finished project.


Redi-Rock steps wind down a hillside garden

Why Use Redi-Rock Instead of Natural Stone Steps?

Redi-Rock steps have the great look of natural stone, but they are easier to walk on because they have consistent heights and dimensions.

Design A Staircase with Curves

With Redi-Rock steps, it's easy to design and build a curving staircase with the look of natural stone. See how this home created a spiral staircase using Redi-Rock step blocks.

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Construct Stairways Big or Small

Whether you need two steps or 20, Redi-Rock steps install with ease. One camp in Washington used Redi-Rock steps, caps, and blocks to create an amphitheater.

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Caps line a curving retainign wall

How Can You Perfectly Complete A Wall?

Redi-Rock caps are a great choice for finishing off a retaining or freestanding wall. These massive concrete slabs are textured on three or more sides to make your project look complete.

Create Seat Walls

Redi-Rock freestanding walls topped with Redi-Rock caps are a great option for seat walls. These work great for backyard fire pits or seat walls for huge developments like Patriot Place just outside the New England Patriots' stadium.

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Top Retaining or Freestanding Walls

There are several options for creating a finished look for Redi-Rock walls. Topping them with caps is one of the best! See how this historic harbor used freestanding walls topped with caps to create an aesthetic finish for the park.

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An outdoor oasis with Redi-Rock columns

What Will Make Your Space Stand Out?

Redi-Rock Columns are a versatile tool to provide the perfect finishing touches on projects. From helping to construct a fence or barrier to creating a sign, post, or gate, massive column blocks in textures to complement a wall get the job done right.

Use Columns for Fencing

Creating a fence using Redi-Rock column blocks is really simple. You can even tie the whole structure into a retaining wall to create a barrier, like they did at this bus depot in West Virginia.

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Create Signs And Gates

Signs and gates are easy to design using Redi-Rock columns and caps. Check out the construction details for how to wrap them into your designs and to install them on your projects.

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