Novum Wall by Redi-Rock: The world’s most efficient alternative to dry cast segmental retaining wall (SRW) systems.

A smart, simple, versatile precast modular block (PMB) solution that will change the way you retain slopes, control water, create terracing, and manage grades, Novum Wall unlocks new retaining wall possibilities across the globe for contractors, engineers, and architects.

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Novum by the Numbers

Get to know the next big (smaller) thing.

Dimensions: 46 1/8 in x 20 in (plus face texture) x 9 in (1172 mm x 508 mm [plus face texture] x 229 mm) Area: 2.88 sq ft (0.27 sq m) Weight: 610 lb +/- 30 lb (277 kg +/- 13.6 kg)

Why You’ll Choose Novum Wall

Novum Wall is the result of more than 20 years of earth retention research, solution development and testing, and real-world application


Build Your Wall. In No Time at All

A machine-set PMB wall solution, Novum Wall’s practical dimensions and manageable weight make installation fast and fluid, simple and straightforward.

Adept at Adapting

Novum Wall features Redi-Rock’s proprietary knob and groove technology for shorter gravity walls. Engineering resources for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls using Novum Wall’s friction and Positive Connection (PC) installation capabilities are planned for mid 2024.


Retention and Protection

Ideal for gravity walls up to 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, Novum Wall’s wet cast composition means it’s just as effective safeguarding shorelines on an inland lake as it is maximizing space in a residential backyard. With Novum Wall, you’ll:

  • Overcome limited access and installation footprints like those found in waterfront residential projects
  • Add value to commercial projects by installing great looking smaller walls that complement larger Redi-Rock walls
  • Break into the transportation market by providing facing blocks perfectly suited for GRS-IBS bridge applications

Textures that Pop

Ugly walls have no place in Novum Wall’s neighborhood. Select from multiple faces with textures so detailed you’ll swear they were cut from the quarry.

Texture and color options vary by region; contact your local manufacturer for local availability.


Summit's symmetrical arrangement creates a sense of order and balance, evoking the grand architectural traditions of bygone eras. Use Summit to add a regal flair to a home or an air of timeless elegance to a new development.

summit texture


Alpine offers a rugged, weathered face reminiscent of the stacked natural fieldstone walls of the European countryside. Accentuate a rustic cabin retreat or add Old-World charm to a vibrant commercial space with Alpine and invite connections with the enduring spirit of Europe’s inspiring mountainscapes.

alpine texture


Ridge delivers an artisan stacked stone look with subtle, comfortable consistency. Its irregular edges and varying thickness create a rustic charm, reminiscent of rock formations weathered by time and the elements. Ridge’s timeless appeal complements a range styles, from traditional to contemporary, adding depth and character to any space.

ridge texture

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Novum Wall: Everyone’s Favorite Wall Solution

With so many applications, Novum Wall checks the boxes for almost everybody. Wondering if you could leverage the efficiency and impact of Novum Wall in your operations?

Landscape Contractors

Novum Wall installs simply and quickly, so you and your crew can get in and out. Its reduced size and lighter weight means highly maneuverable equipment like skid-steers and mini-excavators can do the job in even the tightest spaces. With a shrinking skilled labor pool, unpredictable transportation costs, and challenging installation expectations, Novum Wall can give you the rock-steady reliability a landscaping business needs.

Earthwork Contractors

Your crews and equipment are already on-site, clearing a parcel, grading a lot, or excavating a basement. Even if they’ve never installed a retaining wall before, your team will leverage the simplicity and efficiency of Novum Wall to add the installation of necessary retaining walls to your company's service offerings. Novum Wall is the elusive product expansion opportunity you've been waiting for.

Large Block Installers

You've been looking for a wall solution that complements the strength and smart looks of Redi-Rock, but on a smaller scale. Novum Wall is the solution that will help you stop losing jobs to dry cast SRW products. Novum Wall offers the same gravity and MSE installation capabilities as Redi-Rock and can be produced in multiple textures designed to work in concert with its large block relative.

Make Novum Wall the Foundation of Your Next Project

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Engineering Resources

We’re continuing to develop extensive technical resources supporting the serious versatility of Novum Wall. We’ll make these tools available below as they’re completed so check back periodically for new resources.

Construction Details

  • Typical Gravity Wall Section PDF | DWG

  • Block Library PDF | DWG

  • Concave and Convex Curves Gravity Layout PDF | DWG

  • Leveling Pad and Step Details PDF | DWG

  • Block Setback Options PDF | DWG

  • Inside 90 Degree Corner - Abutted Option PDF | DWG

  • Inside 90 Degree Corner - Interlaced Option PDF | DWG

  • Outside 90 Degree Corner PDF | DWG

  • Double Outside 90 Degree Corner PDF | DWG

CSI Specification - Gravity Only PDF | WORD

Design Information

  • Infill Weight Calculations PDF

  • Product Data Sheet PDF

  • SRWall Software - Project File Template for Gravity Walls PRJ

  • 3D Block Models .zip

  • Block to Block Interface Shear Test Report PDF

  • Block to Block Interface Shear Summary PDF

Preliminary Wall Sections - Gravity PDF

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