Fast Food Restaurant Maximizes Space with Redi-Rock Gravity Walls

Wendy's chain uses gravity and freestanding walls to create space for parking


In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a Wendy's owner was looking for a wall solution to maximize usable parking space. The location of this Wendy's store is on a lot with significant grade changes. Without a retaining wall, there just wouldn't have been enough parking. The site required a retaining wall that would stand 22.5 feet (6.9 meters) at its tallest point. The wall also required a barrier at the top to protect traffic from going over the edge of the slope.


Searching for a solution, the owner of the franchise looked at multiple different retaining wall systems. Initially, the owner ruled out Redi-Rock because he thought it would be too expensive. However, after looking into the total costs of other systems, the owner realized that Redi-Rock was actually cheaper due to the fact that the Redi-Rock wall could be built as a gravity structure that required no reinforcement.

Each Redi-Rock block weighs over a ton, which allows walls to rely on the mass of each block for their stability. The gravity walls also integrate perfectly with Redi-Rock freestanding walls to work as barriers. It's also simple to integrate fencing for barriers as well. In addition, the Limestone texture gave the wall an aesthetic finish.

The owner was very happy with the way the wall turned out.


Project: Chattanooga Wendy's #39 Customer: Wendy's Engineer: SBI Engineering - Jason McGlohon Manufacturer: Bradley Tank & Pipe, LLC Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee Year Built: 2005

Gravity Retaining Wall Blocks - Massive, one-ton Redi-Rock gravity blocks rely on the sheer mass of each block to hold back the earth.

Freestanding Blocks - Redi-Rock freestanding blocks are textured on both sides, giving above-grade walls an unbeatable, finished look for any project you design.

Limestone Texture - Redi-Rock Limestone blocks mimic the texture of natural split Limestone.

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