Redi-Rock Installation Details

Remember how fun it was to play with Lego blocks as a kid? Installing Redi-Rock retaining walls is like that ... on a much larger scale. Get the resources you need to install your wall here!

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The Redi-Rock Installation Guide

To ensure proper installation and construction of Redi-Rock walls, make sure you have a copy of the Redi-Rock Installation Guide!

Why Do Contractors Love Working with Redi-Rock?

Contractors who work with Redi-Rock get their projects installed properly and quickly, serving their clients and communities while keeping their businesses competitive.

Ease of Install

Enjoy the benefits of working smarter, not harder by using Redi-Rock for quick and simple installations – even in tight spaces.

Quality & Beauty

Grow your business with a durable product line that’s made to last and comes in an array of beautiful, natural stone textures.

Engineered Solution

Rely on products versatile enough to tackle a variety of projects with Redi-Rock’s system of precast modular blocks and accessories.

Trusted Support

Trust your Redi-Rock partner for superior installation resources and personalized technical support from industry experts.

Installation Overview

Watch the video to find out how contractors are simplifying their work and growing their businesses with Redi-Rock.

Installation Resources to Simplify Your Work

Leading the industry in both its products and support, Redi-Rock provides a wealth of resources and a world-class team of experts to ensure the success of your projects!

How To Install the Base Course

You want your walls to last forever, and mastering this critical first step is where you need to start! Watch the video to see a step-by-step overview of how to successfully install this critical component.

How To Install MSE Walls with PC Blocks

This video provides step-by-step instructions for installing MSE walls using Redi-Rock's innovative Positive Connection (PC) blocks where strips of geogrid wrap through the block's center core slot, eliminating connection failures.

Construction Details

When it’s time to build your next project, chances are it’s been done before. These details will help you find the best way to build your wall.

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Block Library

Need details on specific blocks in the Redi-Rock system? The Redi-Rock block library includes dimensions, weights, and much more!

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Redi-Rock Installation Guide: Install With Confidence

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"My team likes the speed and all the equipment you can use to set it, as opposed to doing 8-inch or 6-inch block, which are around 80 pounds apiece."

Jeff Bomhof Katerberg Verhage