Retaining Walls With Proven Engineering

Designing critical wall structures is important work – and you need the best resources available to help you do your job. You'll find them here!

The Design Resource Manual

This manual is straightforward and optimized to help make your job easier. The DRM includes a comprehensive block library, installation manual, construction details, FAQs, and more.

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[NEW] Technical Resources and Test Reports for Barrier Walls

Definitive design guidance for engineers seeking to add parapet traffic or pedestrian barriers to Redi-Rock walls. Now you can build a structurally sound barrier directly atop a wall based on exhaustive evaluation conducted at our state-of-the-art testing lab.

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Precast Modular Block Design Manual, Vol. 1 - Gravity Walls

Your go-to resource for precast modular block walls. Includes discussions of theories required to understand PMB walls, explanations and examples of wall analysis and design, and deep dives into earth pressure theory.

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Helpful Engineering Resources

Redi-Rock Wall+ Software

Redi-Rock offers a free, robust program from Fine software, developers of the GEO5 geotechnical suite of software, to help build confidence in your wall designs.

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Preliminary Wall Sections

The Preliminary Wall Section tool is a great way to get an idea of the best solution for your site! These are optimized wall solutions for your soil and loading conditions.

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Block Library

Redi-Rock is a versatile system with block types that made designing custom walls possible! Get block dimensions and weights for any block in the Redi-Rock system here!

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Construction Details

Designing and building Redi-Rock walls is pretty simple. A few tips and tricks in these common details will get you started off right.

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Specifications & Product Data Sheets

Need specifications and product data sheet for your next project? You'll find them here!

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Testing Reports

Redi-Rock is rigorously tested to ASTM and NCMA standards. View interface shear testing data and connection testing reports here.

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SketchUp Files

Utilize our SketchUp files to design and visualize a detailed and accurate Redi-Rock wall, ensuring precise planning and seamless execution.

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Recorded Engineering Webinars

Earth Pressure Theory

Practical Review of Factors Affecting Earth-Pressure Retaining Structures Presented by Stan Vitton, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Stan Vitton, a Professor at Michigan Technological University in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, reviews when Rankine's and Coulomb's theories should be applied, then brings the theory full circle by examining a case study.

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Earth Retention Structures

Updates on GRS-IBS, IDEA, and AASHTO MSE Design Presented by Daniel Alzamora, P.E.

Redi-Rock sponsored this webinar hosted through ASCE where Daniel Alzamora, P.E., M.ASCE, the Senior Geotechnical Engineer for the Federal Highway Administration, presented updates on FHWA's programs related to MSE walls.

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Robust Design Framework

Limit Equilibrium Design Approach Addressing Essential Aspects of Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls and Slopes by Dov Leshchinsky, Ph.D.

Dov Leshchinsky, Ph.D. covers the limitations of conventional limit equilibrium (LE) analysis and shares the framework he developed that was published by FHWA in 2016 and recognized by AASHTO in 2020.

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"Having a good looking retaining wall that is also structurally sound enough to support those kinds of loads ... The Positive Connection retaining wall produced by Redi-Rock was absolutely ideal for this."

John McKervey, P.E. JM Engineering Watch the Video