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Stacked stone walls have been popular for centuries... Redi-Rock Cobblestone walls are the next generation.

Are you looking for a retaining walls the looks awesome? You've come to the right place.

Redi-Rock® Cobblestone blocks have a great chiseled stone aesthetic that you'll be proud to show off. Each one-ton block features the appearance of six smaller blocks, making it a great fit for projects that need to look great and stand the test of time.

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Cobblestone texture retaining walls

Cobblestone Block Specifications

  • Stacked stone texture
  • 5.75 square feet (0.5 square meters) of face
  • Four unique faces to give walls a random aesthetic
  • Up to 23 square feet (2 square meters) of non-repeating texture available
  • Wet-cast concrete gives a greater level of detail and durability

City Chooses Cobblestone Walls for Highway Expansion

When the City of Lacey, Washington was expanding a roadway through town, it needed an aesthetic retaining wall system that would also look good for the adjacent neighborhood homes. Cobblestone was a great fit, and many homeowners even added Cobblestone walls to their yards after seeing how great it looked on the new roadway.

Cobblestone Case Studies

Family Chooses Cobblestone Walls for Building Sports Court at Home

When this family decided to build a tennis/basketball court for their home, significant grade changes made retaining walls necessary. The homeowners wanted something beautiful for their landscape, and Redi-Rock Cobblestone walls fit the bill.

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retaining walls for railroad live loads - Redi-Rock CN railroad
Reinforced Cobblestone Walls Used for CN Rail Renovation

In 2011, the Canadian National (CN) Railway and the Montreal Metro began construction on a major renovation project. Take a look at how engineers utilized the Redi-Rock Cobblestone walls to handle massive loads to complete this incredible project.

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Cobblestone retaining walls, freestanding walls, and columns provided an aesthetic, structural for this harbor's needs.

Harbor Chooses Redi-Rock Cobblestone Texture for Wall and Column Design

Designing and building these walls on Mackinac Island required a structural solution that would fit the look of this historic town. Using Redi-Rock Cobblestone walls allowed the town to create a cohesive, structural look that thousands enjoy each year.

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