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Maine GRS Bridge Wall

Featured Case Study

Unique Bridge Repair Using GRS Wall Solution

A deteriorating marine bridge in a remote location in Maine required a simpler solution than the a typical pile driven foundation. Learn how designers used a Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil - Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) to complete the project.

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Hospital Detention Pond

Newest Case Study

Retaining Walls Protect Rail Tracks From Erosion

Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls were used to replace a 19th century stone and mortar wall after it failed. The wall failure caused the private bridge it was supporting to collapse onto the active railroad track below.

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Audi Case Study Video Thumbnail

Video Case Study

Redi-Rock Walls Used to Remodel Audi Dealership

This Audi dealership in Halifax, Nova Scotia used both gravity and PC walls in the Ledgestone texture to upgrade from an eyesore to a dealership able to showcase cars and create a great buying experience.

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