Design proven, engineered solutions for your next bridge or road project

If you're like most engineers designing highway and bridge projects, you're looking for a retaining wall system that is proven and meticulously engineered. We're here to help. Redi-Rock is a proven precast modular block retaining wall system, created by engineers, for engineers.

Why Choose Redi-Rock for Your Next Transportation Project?

Engineers like you have designed thousands of Redi-Rock projects that have been built on critical roads and bridges around the world since 2000. A ton of resources and testing reports are available to help make designing your walls clear-cut. And the simple, repeatable installation process makes it easy for contractors to install the walls properly.

After Flood, County Chooses Gravity Walls for Emergency Repairs

In September 2013, floods ripped through Boulder County in Colorado, massively damaging the roads. See how engineers design an emergency flood repair retaining wall solution using Redi-Rock gravity walls!

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Design Resources for Road & Bridge Projects

Redi-Rock is a proven, engineered solution for designing highways, bridges, and culverts. Dig into Redi-Rock engineering resources here, including software, design charts and more!

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Redi-Rock blocks used to create curves

Construction Details for Road & Bridge Projects

Installing walls for roads and bridges often requires special considerations. Find out the best way to install Redi-Rock walls in the Redi-Rock Construction Details.

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Redi-Rock in Action: Highway & Bridge Case Studies

Limestone retaining walls create roadway ramp

The Parklands, Louisville, Kentucky

Creating access to a hilly park system presented some daunting challenges, and retaining walls were required to create access. "The high efficiency of the PC System really made it possible to design tiered walls with those loads at that height," said Engineer Clint Hines, PE. "It would be hard to make it work with anything else."

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Dump truck driving over bridge with Ledgstone bridge abutments

Elmwood Road Bridge in Ohio

Clermont County in Ohio replaced failing bridge abutments with Redi-Rock Ledgestone walls that were fast and easy to install using their own crews. "The quickest way to repair the bridge was to remove the beams and replace the abutments using Redi-Rock blocks," said Clermont County's Bridge Engineer Todd Gadbury, P.E.

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Limestone retaining walls create bridge for water culvert

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

This development needed wing walls for bridge construction over a creek in Nova Scotia. See how they used Redi-Rock retaining walls and freestanding walls with vertical batter to achieve their goals! The development liked the bridges so much that they expanded the project and used Redi-Rock to create a nearby amphitheater.

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Yellow truck drives on highway supported by Cobblestone retaining walls

I-59 S Curve Project, Laurel, Mississippi

Redi-Rock retaining walls solved right-of-way issues in this Mississippi DOT highway expansion project. Designers used the efficiency of the gravity system where possible and the proven reinforced system where required to make a cohesive, strong solution.

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Cobblestone retaining walls used as bridge abutments

Emergency Repair of Dam Access Road

After a huge storm washed out critical access to a dam, the City of Bellingham, Washington needed a fast solution to repair a bridge and restore access to the dam. Designers used Redi-Rock gravity and reinforced blocks to create a solution!

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Ledgestone retaining walls with iron fence on top

Ronald Reagan Drive Access Road

When the FBI headquarters near Cincinnati, Ohio, was relocating, the township of Sycamore needed to create a 19.5 foot tall retaining wall to separate the access road from a neighborhood. See how they did it with Redi-Rock gravity walls.

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