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Like Atlas, these massive retaining wall blocks literally hold back the earth. And they look darn good while doing it...

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Redi-Rock Standard Blocks

Redi-Rock standard retaining wall blocks started the large block retaining wall revolution back in 2000. These large wetcast blocks are like one-ton Lego blocks that interlock to create tall gravity retaining walls. Integrate Redi-Rock standard blocks with the entire family of Redi-Rock products to create a seamless, structurally sound solution for your next project. Available in block widths of 28, 41, and 60 inches (710, 1030, and 1520 millimeters), as well as multiple batter options.

Redi-Rock gravity retaining wall block

Introducing Redi-Rock XL

The Redi-Rock gravity blocks you know and love just got a big boost! Redi-Rock XL Hollow-Core Retaining blocks, the latest innovation in the proven Redi-Rock system, make building taller walls in tight spaces (while using less concrete) not such a tall task!

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Beautiful Textures That Make Beautiful Walls

Redi-Rock® blocks are cast in molds taken from actual stone, giving each gravity block a very detailed, natural texture. Contact your local retailer to discuss color options available in your area!

Ledgestone +


Ledgestone blocks area made using architectural-grade precast concrete with a texture that gives projects a random, stacked stone look. The level of detail in the texture gives Ledgestone walls the appearance of natural stone. Up to 115 square feet (10.5 square meters) of non-repeating texture is available.


Cobblestone +


Cobblestone blocks have a great stacked stone aesthetic. The texture is great for projects that need a smaller-scale look since each one-ton block features the appearance of six smaller blocks. Up to 23 square feet (2 square meters) of non-repeating texture is available.


Limestone +


Limestone blocks have a natural split limestone texture that beautifully mimics real quarried stone. These large-scale block faces look great on a variety of project applications with up to 23 square feet (2 square meters) of non-repeating texture available.


Kingstone +


Kingstone adds a fourth texture to the Redi-Rock aesthetic arsenal. Striking a balance between the grandiose scale of Limestone and rugged relief of Ledgestone, Kingstone appears weathered by water and time like the crown of a natural stone outcropping. With each Redi-Rock block looking like a large, quarried stone, Kingstone will transform retaining walls into castle-worthy walls.


Nice curves...

Because of each block's trapezoidal shape, it's easy to design and install inside or outside curves using Redi-Rock. It's also easy to create inside or outside corners!

Gravity Wall Technical Resources

What do people really think of gravity walls?

Redi-Rock gravity walls have been used to create space for thousands of projects throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. If you have a project in mind, chances are it's already been done using Redi-Rock.

"Because we used this tall gravity wall, the excavation was minimal and we saved probably 80% of the trees on top of the hill."

Greg Bickford
Sycamore Township
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FBI Video Case Study

 "There was no room for geogrid and no room for over-excavation, so the product worked very nicely in this scenario." 

Chris Howard, RLA
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Centre Pointe Retention Pond

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