Retaining Wall Applications

Anywhere you need a retaining wall, Redi-Rock can help you create usable land. How are engineers, developers, installers, and homeowners using Redi-Rock today? Learn more about each type of application in the different sections below.

Limestone retaining wall storm water channel

Retaining Walls in Water

Redi-Rock stormwater retaining walls protect shorelines, create space for storm channels and retention ponds, and save neighborhoods from flooding. That's because they can be built with minimal space requirements, are easy to install, and can be reinforced to withstand major storms.

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Limestone Retaining wall bridge and culvert

Bridge & Highway Retaining Walls

Whether you need abutments, wing walls, or retaining walls to support your roads and bridges, you can design a strong, aesthetic solution using Redi-Rock. A simple construction sequence allows you to minimize right-of-way requirements and keep traffic moving.

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Limestone retaining wall next to railroad tracks

Rail Retaining Walls

For rail projects, space is often limited and live loads are a major issue. Designers turn to Redi-Rock for railroad retaining wall projects because the engineering makes sense in these conditions.

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Ledgestone retaining wall next to pond in front of corporate office

Walls for Developments

Developers need retaining walls to maximize usable land and install quickly. Redi-Rock walls are an ideal solution for leveling lots, supporting buildings, and making space for parking.

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Pitches on baseball field with Cobblestone retaining wall separating the field from the road

Walls for Municipalities & Government Agencies

Redi-Rock's superior aesthetics allow municipalities and government agencies to create a great look throughout their infrastructure projects. Redi-Rock is also incredibly easy to install, meaning that cities can often use their own crews for installing municipal retaining walls.

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Blue running track with freestanding limestone wall in front of bleachers

University & Campus Retaining Walls

Leveling hilly terrain, creating space for a growing campus, making room for more parking, providing access to a new sports stadium...these are just a few of the many reasons Redi-Rock has been used for university and campus retaining walls across North America and beyond.

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Ledgestone retaining wall and steps leading into backyard

Residential Walls

Whether you need to create flat space on a hilly lot or protect your home from erosion, Redi-Rock provides the flexibility and aesthetic beauty you need for your residential retaining walls.

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Electrical substation with Cobblestone retaining walls

Power Industry Walls

When new electrical substations are going in, they need a level area for construction. Unlike many other options for power industry retaining walls, Redi-Rock walls can be built incredibly close to property lines.

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