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At Redi-Rock, we believe retaining walls should look great while doing the hard job of holding back the earth.

When you're designing retaining walls, you want something that is structural and looks good. We're here to help! 

Redi-Rock® Ledgestone retaining walls have a natural, stacked stone aesthetic that looks beautiful. The colors are made to match your region, giving your project a look you'll be proud of.

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Ledgestone Block

Ledgestone Block Specifications:

  • Trapezoidal shape allows convex and concave radii
  • 5.5 inch (140 millimeter) deep texture
  • Colors can be customize to match your local region
  • 5.75 square feet (0.5 square meters) of face per block
  • Ten individual face molds offer up to 115 square feet (10.5 square meters) of non-repeating patterns
  • Wet-cast concrete gives a greater level of detail and durability

Audi Chooses Ledgestone for High Profile Dealership

When Audi was renovating its Halifax, Nova Scotia dealership, officials chose the Redi-Rock Ledgestone texture because the colors coordinated with natural stone in the area and the texture was a great contrast to the modern look of the buildings. 

How will Redi-Rock Ledgestone look on your next project? Awesome is a good guess, because it looks awesome practically everywhere.

Ledgestone in Action

FBI headquarters near Cincinnati used Redi-Rock Ledgestone Gravity walls to create a separate access road.
Ledgestone Gravity Wall for New Cincinnati FBI Building

When the FBI headquarters near Cincinnati was relocating, the township needed to create a 19.5 foot (6 meter) tall retaining wall to separate the access road from a neighborhood.

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The city of Sunbury chose Redi-Rock retaining walls to stop erosion and protect their new riverfront park.

Sunbury Riverfront Chooses Ledgestone Gravity Walls for Shoreline Protection

The city of Sunbury used Redi-Rock retaining walls to stop erosion and protect their new riverfront park. Despite regular flooding, these walls have performed exactly as engineered and still look great.

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Natural Resources District reduces flooding in Lincoln and revitalizes popular trail.
Ledgestone Storm Channel Saves Lincoln, Nebraska from Floods

Engineers designed this storm channel to protect the town of Lincoln from flooding. The unique design put a channel and new bike path within a very tight footprint, while also keeping the channel looking natural.

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