Redi-Rock Freestanding Hollow Core

Thanks to the innovative hollow-core design, these blocks can easily be filled with reinforcing steel and concrete to create a massive structure with enough strength to solve some of the most frequent challenges faced by retaining wall designers and installers, including attaching a barrier to the top of a retaining wall and creating flood protection walls.

Once Dubbed Magic BlockTM for All of Its Tricks

When the Freestanding Hollow-Core Block first hit the market, it was dubbed Magic Block for the ability to perform so many tricks.

Attach A Barrier to a Wall

Without the need to core drill, potentially sacrificing the integrity of the block, Freestanding Hollow-Core Blocks help attach barriers to the top of walls in all types of scenarios.

Overcome Water Challenges

Flood walls, detention ponds, channels, you name it! The Freestanding Hollow-Core Block is the perfect addition to the Redi-Rock arsenal combatting water challenges.

Cantilever Wall Capable

When a cast-in-place cantilever wall is what you need technically, but a better appearance is what you desire, Freestanding Hollow-Core Blocks can help you bridge the gap.

Maximizing Limited Space

Are you dealing with tight space constraints? Or do you need to create a pile wall? You guessed it, the Freestanding Hollow-Core Block can solve these challenges, too.

Efficient Barrier Made Possible with Freestanding Hollow-Core

Project engineers used the Redi-Rock Freestanding Hollow-Core Block to create a barrier and fencing system, preventing errant traffic and pedestrians from pitching over the wall. Read the case study to learn more about how the solution was the perfect for this project, allowing the gas station to optimize their space constraints.

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Available in Great Textures

With the appearance of natural stone, people will have to do a double take to realize it's concrete.

Block texture faces

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Engineering Resources

Like the rest of the Redi-Rock system, Freestanding Hollow-Core Blocks come with engineering resources to back them up!

Design Resource Manual

Get the design details you need to add Freestanding Hollow-Core Blocks to your next project.

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Construction Details

With typical cross sections for cantilever walls and advice on how to turn corners, get your questions answered here.

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"It's a specialized product that solves a real problem. There's nothing an installer could do comparably if a customer needs a barrier or median wall."

Jeff McKay Schreiter Concrete Read the Case Study