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Redi-Rock Wall Freeware for Designing Gravity Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock Wall Freeware

As a retaining wall designer, you're tasked with creating buildable space while providing peace of mind. We know that designing a structurally sound retaining wall that's within budget is a tall task, and that's why we've partnered with the experts at Fine Software to create Redi-Rock Wall Software. Based on the GEO5 platform of geotechnical engineering software, Redi-Rock Wall Freeware gives you an optimized tool for designing your next gravity wall.

The freeware includes:

  • Gravity wall analysis module
  • Bearing capacity & slope stability modules
  • ASD or LRFD calculation capacity
  • 3D visualization

Thousands of engineers download the freeware every year, transforming their toughest retaining wall challenges into a piece of cake. Don't be late to the party. Fill out the form at the right to download your copy of Redi-Rock Wall Freeware today.


The download for Redi-Rock Wall is an executable (.EXE) file. This type of file may be blocked by certain computer security software. If you encounter difficulties, please contact your network administrator or IT Department to verify your permissions to download software.

Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software is a Microsoft/Windows application; unfortunately, it is not supported by OSx.


Please complete the registration form below to download the Redi-Rock Wall Freeware. We ask for your contact information so that you can be alerted when updates become available. Once you complete the form and click download, the link will appear on that page. 

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GEO5 engineering software for MSE retaining wall design

Upgrade to Full Version of Redi-Rock Wall Software for Reinforced Walls

Are you ready to take your retaining walls to new heights? The full version of Redi-Rock Wall Software enables you to design and analyze reinforced retaining walls with Redi-Rock's Positive Connection (PC) System.

Not only will the enhanced 3D visualization allow you to see your geogrid extending behind the wall, but the full version of GEO5's spread footing, settlement and slope stability modules are included. Get ready to engineer to your heart's content!


GEO5 engineering software for retaining wall design

About FINE Civil Engineering Software and GEO5 Geotechnical Software

Milos Vodolan and Jiri Laurin have been creating engineering software since the early 1980's. They started with structural analysis software for designing steel, wood, and concrete structures, which was developed in cooperation with Engineering faculty from the Czech Technical University in Prague. In the late 80's, they expanded into geotechnical and foundation design, and in 1992 their company incorporated as FINE. The geotechnical software available from FINE rapidly expanded into a suite of programs known as GEO5 Geotechnical Software.

Today, GEO5 includes 29 separate modules that cover: 

Redi-Rock International is proud to partner with GEO5 to bring you Redi-Rock Wall. If you like the program, we encourage you to visit GEO5's website and investigate the other great tools they have available for civil engineering design professionals.

Redi-Rock Wall Tutorial Videos

The first video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial details the steps to start a new Redi-Rock Wall project.

The second video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial overviews the general layout of the program.

The third video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial gives an overview of the setting related to wall geometry.

The fourth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial walks through defining soils for use in your project.

The fifth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial examines setting up the wall footing.

The sixth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial looks at defining and assigning soil and terrain on top of the wall.

The seventh video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial looks at the impacts of water and surcharge loads on the wall.

The eighth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial looks at Front Face (FF) Resistance and Applied Forces.

The ninth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial overviews how to analyze earthquake loads in Redi-Rock Wall.

The tenth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial examines how to review the program results.

The eleventh video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial shows how to use the Spread Footing module bundled with Redi-Rock Wall.

The twelfth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial shows how to use the Stability module bundled with Redi-Rock Wall.

The thirteenth video in the Redi-Rock Wall tutorial series examines reports that can be generated in Redi-Rock wall.

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