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Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software for Geotech Engineers

If you've been wracking your brain trying to envision a solution to a really tough retaining wall challenge, then the full version of Redi-Rock Wall Software is just the boost you need.

Developed by Fine Software, the experts in geotechnical software, this enhanced version of our freeware includes the Positive Connection (PC) System for designing MSE reinforced walls, along with full versions of several GEO5 modules to support your most complicated calculations.

A purchase of the full Redi-Rock Wall Software package includes:

  • Gravity wall analysis
  • MSE wall analysis for PC system
  • Full version of GEO5's Spread Footing Module
  • Full version of GEO5's Settlement Module
  • Full version of GEO5's Slope Stability Module
  • ASD or LRFD calculation capacity
  • 3D visualization

What are you waiting for? Stop wracking your brain and start transforming the toughest retaining wall challenges in your market into your bread and butter. Fill out the form at the right to purchase or lease Redi-Rock Wall Software.


Redi-Rock Wall Software is for Windows operating systems only and is delivered on a USB drive within a few business days of your order.

If you are located outside North America, please visit Fine Software to purchase!

Demo the Software for Free

Curious if Redi-Rock Wall Software will be a good fit for the work you do? Give it a try as part of the entire GEO5 demo suite for free. While you can't save or print your work, you can give it a test run before you invest in a copy of your own. 

Buy or Lease Redi-Rock Wall Software

Redi-Rock Wall Software can be purchased with an annual license or one-time license fee.

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GEO5 engineering software for MSE retaining wall design

Trusty Sedan vs. Sporty Coupe

How do you know when it's time to upgrade your trusty sedan to a sporty coupe? When the bells and whistles make the ride that much smoother! Redi-Rock Wall Freeware is your trusty go-to if gravity walls are your destination.

When it's time to smooth out the bumps of reinforced retaining wall design, you'll want to put the pedal to the metal and upgrade to Redi-Rock Wall Software.

GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Settlement

GEO5 Settlement

Use this module to determine vertical settlement and time-dependent consolidation of soils under embankments, foundations, earth dams, and surcharges. You can also estimate vertical settlement values under Redi-Rock gravity and MSE retaining walls.

GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Slope Stability

GEO5 Slope Stability

Use this module to perform slope stability analysis for features like embankments, earth cuts, anchored retaining structures, and MSE walls. It allows for fast and reliable optimization of circular or polygonal slip surfaces and lets you define and save modifications to the slope.

GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Spread Footing

GEO5 Spread Footing

With this module, you can design spread or strip footings subject to general load. It computes vertical and horizontal bearing capacity, settlement and rotation of a footing, and determines required longitudinal and shear reinforcement for reinforced concrete footings.

GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Reinforced Wall 3D Modeling

3D Visualization

The new 3D visualization feature allows you to see the wall section from 360 degrees.  The visualization shows Redi-Rock retaining blocks, geogrid strip reinforcement, leveling pad, soil layers, water, surcharge loads, and applied forces and moments. Not to mention - it's super fun to play with!

Like what you see?

GEO5 engineering software for retaining wall design

Leading the Way through Partnership with Fine Software

At Redi-Rock, we value leading the way. We've partnered with Fine Civil Engineering Software, a leader in geotechnical software solutions with their GEO5 suite.

Together we bring you Redi-Rock Wall Software. We are a proud, authorized reseller of the Redi-Rock Wall Software bundle, which is also available from Fine Software and other authorized resellers.

Today, GEO5 includes 29 separate modules that cover: 

Redi-Rock International is proud to partner with GEO5 to bring you Redi-Rock Wall. If you like the program, we encourage you to visit GEO5's website and investigate the other great tools they have available for civil engineering design professionals.

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