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Redi-Rock started with a couple of brothers who had a heavy construction business and a customer that needed a retaining wall in 1999. Like true entrepreneurs, the brothers said, "Sure, we can do a retaining wall." And when they got back to their office, they started working on an entirely new way to do retaining walls.

The idea the brothers sketched on a napkin created a niche in the retaining wall marketplace. Their idea was to create a massive retaining wall block - larger than anything on the market at the time by orders of magnitude. There was a huge need in the marketplace for a retaining wall system that could rely on gravity to hold back the earth, and Redi-Rock delivered it. 

The brothers set to work, and started selling the Redi-Rock large block retaining wall system locally in Northern Michigan. Over time, they realized they were really on to something and started setting up manufacturers around the US, then Canada, and beyond. 

Today Redi-Rock has grown into the industry leader in large block retaining walls, known as the engineering authority in the large block retaining wall industry.

Each individual Redi-Rock retailer has its own unique history, and there are some incredible stories out there. Be sure to ask your local retailer how they got started!

Redi-Rock International is one of the proven, licensable business opportunities offered by Aster Brands. Aster Brands provides forms, molds, equipment, and support for concrete manufacturers to build or expand their businesses around the world.


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What is Redi-Rock?

Redi-Rock is a line of products

Redi-Rock retaining wall products

A darn good product, in fact. You'll find Redi-Rock walls in major parks, along critical roads, across downtowns, on golf course, and supporting homes. Redi-Rock products have been developed by engineers, for engineers. Which means that you'll find some powerful engineering resources available to help in designing walls that will stand the test of time. 

Redi-Rock is your local retailer

Redi-Rock manufacturers

When you're looking at buying a Redi-Rock wall, your local retailer is the best place to start. These are the local retaining wall experts who can help you choose the best products for your project, as well as the best color and texture. All 130 Redi-Rock retailers are independently owned and operated companies that are licensed to manufacture Redi-Rock blocks. If you pay attention, you'll see Redi-Rock walls in almost every state in the US and almost every province in Canada, plus areas of the UK, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Russia, South Korea, Algeria, and New Zealand. 

Redi-Rock is the team behind the scenes

Redi-Rock team

The Redi-Rock International team in Charlevoix, Michigan designs, creates, markets, and licenses the steel forming system to create Redi-Rock concrete blocks. Redi-Rock is a family-owned and operated business. What you'll find when you come visit us (you're always welcome!) is that we are all passionate about what we do, which includes partnering with our stakeholders to realize our potential together. You can meet the Redi-Rock International staff here.

How Redi-Rock Came to Be: Our Family of Businesses

Redi-Rock About Us History Strawberry Farming

Early 1900s - Farming

The Manthei family started in business in the early 1900s. To support the family, Constance Manthei started an aster flower growing business, in which she grew, cut, and shipped flowers from Northern Michigan to Chicago. By the early 1940s, her sons, Ted and Ernie Manthei were successful strawberry farmers who wanted to make their own wooden berry baskets. However, after buying a veneer lathe by mistake, the brothers began manufacturing and selling hardwood veneer instead. 

Redi-Rock About Us History Veneer Mill

1940 - Manthei Veneer

Brothers Ted and Ernie launched Manthei Veneer in 1940 in Petoskey, Michigan. Today, the mill is owned and operated by the third generations of the Manthei family, who provide experience along with creative thinking in forging new paths while continually improving upon existing ones. Manthei Veneer is one of the few remaining family-owned and operated veneer mills in North America.

Redi-Rock About Us History MDC

1968 - MDC Contracting

MDC Contracting is a heavy construction company in Northern Michigan.

Today, MDC Contracting specializes in underground sewer and water systems, custom aggregate processing, concrete products (including Redi-Rock), site development, mass grading, road construction, ready-mix concrete, precast, and asphalt paving.

Redi-Rock About Us History Sky Valley

1970 - Sky Valley Resorts

In 1970, the Manthei group opened Sky Valley Resorts, a group of RV and mobile home resorts in Southern California. Sky Valley Resorts features pools fed from natural, therapeutic hot springs that draw visitors from across North America. Today, Sky Valley Resorts includes space for 1400 RVs and 270 vacation homes.

Other real estate ventures include several real estate investment groups in California and Michigan.

Redi-Rock About Us History Jim Ben and Mark Manthei

2000 - Redi-Rock International

Initially, Redi-Rock was sold in Northern Michigan only. As demand grew locally, brothers Jim, Ben, and Mark Manthei (left to right) realized that they were on to something big. Ben Manthei stepped up as Managing Partner of Redi-Rock in 2001 and began setting up manufacturers across the Midwest. As the business grew, so did the staff and the manufacturing network.

Today, 130+ manufacturers produce Redi-Rock across the United States, Canada, the UK, Spain, Northern Ireland,  Norway, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, France, and the Republic of Korea. Interested in joining the team of manufacturers? Find out more about the retaining wall business opportunity here.

Redi-Rock About Us History Rosetta

2007 - Rosetta Hardscapes

Rosetta Hardscapes, a concrete landscape products licensing company, launched in 2007 to meet the needs of the landscape architecture community.

Rosetta products look fundamentally different than any other concrete landscape products on the market. By accurately replicating natural stone and mimicking perfectly sculpted concrete for the most modern applications, Rosetta's creating a new standard in hardscape design. 

Redi-Rock About Us History Pole Base

2012 - Pole Base

In 2012, Pole Base®was launched to provide aesthetic precast light pole  foundations that can be installed more quickly and easily than conventional options.

Pole Base is a great option for site lighting, streetscape lighting, flag pole foundations, parking lot solutions, and much more. 

Redi-Rock About Us History Techniply

2013 - Techniply

In 2013, The Manthei Group acquired Techniply, a hardwood processing company that produces high quality rotary and flat dieboards, as well as custom specialty plywood products.

Due to its ties with Manthei Inc, Techniply now controls its entire supply chain, from stump to dieboard, resulting in consistently high quality products. Techniply is owned by the third generation of the Manthei family; pictured to the left is Josh Manthei, Brian Buckles (general manager), and Abe Manthei.

Redi-Rock About Us History Arizona Oasis

2014 - Arizona Oasis

Arizona Oasis is an RV resort located on the Colorado River in Ehrenberg, Arizona. This resort is the perfect place to take advantage of the Colorado River and all of the awesome desert activities nearby. RV spaces are available, as well as vacation home rentals.

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