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What is the Design Resource Manual?

The Redi-Rock® Design Resource Manual (DRM) is the ultimate guide for designing Redi-Rock retaining walls. It includes everything you will need to design walls using Redi-Rock products, including an overview of every block in the Redi-Rock system, preliminary design charts, block infill weights, setback options, construction details, testing data, and more!

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At Redi-Rock, we have a passion and commitment to excellence. We are constantly working to develop new products and improve on the great retaining wall solutions that we already offer. As a result, we will occasionally update our Design Resource Manual to reflect these new developments and changes. Register your DRM so we can email you when there are occasional updates!

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Redi-Rock Wall Software for Designing & Analyzing Retaining Walls

New Redi-Rock Wall Software

Thousands of engineers have downloaded Redi-Rock Wall Freeware to design gravity walls. Now, we offer Redi-Rock Wall Software for purchase. This robust package with 3D visualization  includes an expanded wall analysis module to run stability calculations on gravity and MSE walls, as well as full versions of GEO5's slope stability, settlement and spread footing modules.

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Redi-Rock Design Charts

Preliminary Design Charts

Redi-Rock preliminary design charts are a fast way to get an idea of what the best and most efficient solution is for your project. These charts use Allowable Stress Design for gravity walls and AASHTO LRFD design for reinforced walls.

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