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The Powerful, Free Tool to Design & Analyze Redi-Rock Gravity & MSE Walls

Redi-Rock Wall+ Software (RRWall+)

When designing a retaining wall, you're tasked with creating buildable space while providing peace of mind. We know that designing a structurally sound retaining wall that's within budget is a tall task. It's why we partnered with the experts at Fine Software, the developers of the GEO5 geotechnical suite of programs, to create the BEST software possible for designing Redi-Rock walls.

It's also why we continue to work with them to improve the software year after year. The latest edition, RRWall+, is a FREE tool for designing and analyzing Redi-Rock gravity and MSE walls with the Positive Connection (PC) blocks.

Thousands of engineers over the years have used Redi-Rock software to tackle their toughest design challenges. Fill out the form at the right to download your copy of RRWall+ today in one of four languages (English, German, French and Spanish).


The download for Redi-Rock Wall+ is an executable (.EXE) file. This type of file may be blocked by certain computer security software. If you encounter difficulties, please contact your network administrator or IT Department to verify your permissions to download software.

Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software is a Microsoft/Windows application (compatible with Vista or newer); unfortunately, it is not supported by OSx.

Start Designing with Confidence

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Top-Notch, Free Tool

Based on the GEO5 platform of geotechnical engineering software, RRWall+ is the top-notch tool among all free proprietary retaining wall software programs. With RRWall+, you'll be able to:

  • Select specific design standards like ASD, LRFD (US), Eurocodes, and many other international standards, or custom standards
  • Model various site conditions including soil layers, load types & locations, water conditions, and seismic
  • Analyze for slope stability and bearing capacity

Easy to Use Workflow 

For an extremely robust tool, RRWall+ is still easy to use. Available in four languages (English, German, French, and Spanish) the program allows you to:

  • Easily track and edit inputs to explore your model's sensitivity to various load conditions and optimize your wall section
  • Analyze different design conditions in one project file

Robust Input Options for Accurate Modeling

With RRWall+, you're never stuck with "generic" inputs. You can choose from pre-defined standards including ASD, LRFD (US), Eurocodes, and many international standards, or user-defined custom standards. When it comes to designing and analyzing for each specific site, you'll find the robust input options allow you to accurately model scenarios, such as: 

  • Select soil layers appropriate to your site
  • Use various terrain profiles at the top and bottom of your wall
  • Define water conditions in front of and behind your wall
  • Apply different types and locations of surcharge loads
  • Factor in earthquake conditions
  • Add notes and descriptions to the wall section

Create Customized Reports

After all the designing and analyzing is complete, it's time to create a report that represents your work. RRWall+ allows you to decide what calculations to include in your report and what graphics you want included. With the option to print PDFs or export Word documents, you'll be able to share your work the way you want to. 

How can RRWall+ help you? Watch these video tutorials to get started.

The first video in the tutorial series is an introduction to Redi-Rock Wall+.

The second video will help you get started on your project.

The third video will help you configure the project tab for your specific wall.

The fourth video walks through defining geometry for use in your project.

The fifth video will walk you through how to define the soils for your project.

The sixth video looks at setting the footing for your wall.

The seventh video looks at assigning terrain.

The eighth video looks at water and surcharge loads for your wall.

The ninth video overviews how to set wall embedment and earthquake loads.

The tenth video examines how to review the program results.

The eleventh video shows how to use the bearing capacity portion of the program.

The twelfth video shows how to use the global stability module.

The thirteenth video examines reports that can be generated. 

The fourteenth video looks at the backfill wedge.

The fifteenth video explains how to design walls with Positive Connection blocks.

More About our Partners from Fine Software

Fine has been developing and supplying structural and geotechnical engineering software since 1989. The geotechnical software package GEO5 consists of 35 individual programs and is designed to solve a majority of geotechnical problems from common tasks up to highly sophisticated applications. The GEO5 software is available in 20 languages and is now used by 7,000 companies in 140 countries worldwide.

Learn About Fine / GEO5

GEO5 FEM Tunnel

GEO5 Stratigraphy Cross Sections

GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Pro Package

If you're looking to invest in a more comprehensive option, the GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Professional Package offers more programs from the GEO5 suite of software to help with all aspects of wall design. The new Stratigraphy program allows users to calculate volumes for excavation and earthwork, as well as model landslides with the designed wall. Unlimited access to the Slope Stability, Spread Footing and Prefab Wall programs help with calculation of any other walls or slopes, not just Redi-Rock walls.

Contact US reseller (Gintegro) or Fine headquarters.

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