First XL Project Installation

Business consultant manager Casey Meadows gives a quick update on the first Redi-Rock XL project as it goes in the ground.


"Hey guys, we're live here at the job site. The first really large Redi-Rock XL job site. There's going to be 430 XL blocks on this job, a vast majority of them 72-inch XL blocks mixed with 52-inch XL blocks.

This particular wall you're seeing built down here right now is 16.5 feet [tall] at its tallest point. And there's another wall built over the rock cut that's going to be 18 feet tall, all gravity.

The XL block really made this wall possible using gravity, and probably wouldn't have worked with standard Redi-Rock 60-inch blocks unless it was three our four courses at least - if it would've worked at all.

But it's pretty cool to see the first major [XL] job site with a couple walls going in. It's going to be awesome."

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