Alternative to Poured Concrete Retaining Walls: Introducing Redi-Rock

You’re a problem solver. So the last thing you want is for your retaining wall solution to create problems on a project. Poured concrete walls (also known as cast-in-place walls) are a common retaining wall option, but these walls can pose a number of issues such as cracking, bowing, and labor intensive installation. They also cost more than block retaining wall alternatives, with skyrocketing prices when textures, tiers, or curves are required.

If you’re looking for an alternative to poured concrete for your next retaining wall - Redi-Rock can help.

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Redi-Rock: The Best Alternative to Poured Concrete Retaining Walls



With Redi-Rock, just one crew is required to install your retaining wall, making for a simpler construction sequence than a poured retaining wall that requires multiple trades. Redi-Rock walls also require a smaller footprint than a poured retaining wall in most cases.



You need a retaining wall you can trust. While cracks and drainage problems commonly affect cast-in-place walls, Redi-Rock walls are flexible so settlement or freeze thaw impacts are minimized. Redi-Rock walls are also permeable, allowing hydrostatic pressure to drain efficiently.



With Redi-Rock, you never have to sacrifice great aesthetics to get the engineered durability your project demands. Redi-Rock offers multiple textures, creating beautiful stone finishes that are a deterrent to graffiti artists. Corners and curves are also simple to incorporate in a wall.

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What does a cast-in-place wall cost? Too much.

Save up to 50% on your next retaining wall by choosing Redi-Rock instead of cast-in-place. With Redi-Rock walls, you can take advantage of:

  • Reduced construction labor
  • Decreased wall footprint requirements
  • The ability to add textures, batters, and top of wall finishes easily

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Why Engineers Choose Redi-Rock Over Cast-In-Place Concrete Retaining Walls


Hamilton County Saves $40,000 by Choosing Redi-Rock Poured Retaining Walls

When an Ohio county needed to replace an aging bridge structure, using Redi-Rock provided significant savings. "You save so much time in not having to set concrete forms, pour, wait for it to cure. It's a huge advantage just to set these blocks and move on," said the engineer.

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Developer Chooses Redi-Rock Over Poured Walls for “Toughest Site Ever”

This Atlanta area redevelopment project faced significant grade changes, making it, “one of the toughest sites we've ever worked on,” according to the developer. Redi-Rock proved to be a more cost effective solution and the 3,300 square foot wall was installed in just 2 weeks.

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City Considers Poured Walls; Chooses Redi-Rock to Prevent River Erosion

This Pennsylvania city considered cast-in-place walls to protect its riverfront from flooding, but chose Redi-Rock because, “There's no maintenance, it's very durable, and when it goes through a flood like it did - it sets the standard for being a great solution," said an official.

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