Choosing Redi-Rock Saves New McDonald's Store $80,000

To create space for a new restaurant, McDonald's chooses Redi-Rock as the most economical option


In Waynesville, Ohio, a local McDonald's project manager needed an inexpensive solution to retain a hill next to the proposed store.


The wall was reinforced using geogrid and was 19.5 feet (5.9 meters) tall at its highest point. The wall extended for 165 feet (50.3 meters) in length and saved the project nearly $80,000 over the next best option.


Choosing Redi-Rock retaining walls allowed this new McDonald's store to save significant money.


Project: Waynesville McDonald's #15 Customer: McDonald's Design Specifying Engineer: Joe Kowalski Manufacturer: Redi-Rock Structures of OKI Location: Waynesville, Ohio Year Built: 2006

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