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Redi-Rock PC Blocks

The heart and soul of the Redi-Rock® Positive Connection (PC) System for MSE walls is a massive amount of connection strength. There's virtually no chance of a connection failure with the PC System because the grid wraps through the block.

REdi-Rock reinforced retaining walls PC brochureDig deeper into the PC System and its benefits with the PC System Brochure.

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REdi-Rock reinforced retaining walls PC design guide

Inside the PC System Design Guide, you'll find the information and resources you need to start designing Redi-Rock PC System walls!

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Strength and Beauty All In One

Not only are Redi-Rock PC blocks backed by proven engineering, they are cast in molds taken from real natural stone, making them beautiful to look at. Your local retailer can help you choose color options that match your landscape.

Ledgestone +


Ledgestone blocks give projects a random, stacked stone look with up to 115 square feet (10.5 square meters) of non-repeating texture available. Plus the texture of the blocks is remarkably detailed because they're made using architectural-grade precast concrete. 


Cobblestone +


Cobblestone blocks have a great stacked stone aesthetic with up to 23 square feet (2 square meters) of non-repeating texture available. Each one-ton block features the appearance of six smaller blocks, which works great for projects that need a smaller-scale look. 


Limestone +


Limestone blocks have a natural split limestone texture that beautifully mimics real quarried stone. These large-scale block faces are available with up to 23 square feet (2 square meters) of non-repeating texture available. They're perfect for commercial and residential projects or anything in between. 


Kingstone +


Kingstone adds a fourth texture to the Redi-Rock aesthetic arsenal. Striking a balance between the grandiose scale of Limestone and rugged relief of Ledgestone, Kingstone appears weathered by water and time like the crown of a natural stone outcropping. With each Redi-Rock block looking like a large, quarried stone, Kingstone will transform retaining walls into castle-worthy walls.


We put a hole in it

Well, a vertical core slot to be more precise. The beauty of the PC System is its engineered simplicity. A vertical core slot is cast through the center of each block, through which a 12-inch (300-millimeter) wide strip of geogrid is threaded. This eliminates the need for special connection pieces. PC blocks offer the incomparable durability of "wet cast," air-entrained concrete and simplify the wall construction sequence, resulting in faster installation.

PC System Technical Resources

Redi-Rock PC block cutout

What engineers are saying:

When engineers really understand what the PC System for MSE Walls is capable of, they get excited. Don't take our word for it; hear from them here.

"When you have massive loads so near the block facing, it's hard to make a wall that will work. The walls are very high and the load is very close, but the civil engineering of this block made it a good fit."

David Chartier
V. Fournier & Associes
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CN Rail Case Study 149

"Having a good looking retaining wall that is also structurally sound enough to support those kinds of loads... The Positive Connection retaining wall produced by Redi-Rock was absolutely ideal for this."

John Mckervey, PE
JM Engineering
Read the case study

Four Feathers Winery Case 148

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