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When you need a custom look for your retaining wall, the Redi-Rock® Custom Mold Shop is ready to jump into action.

Do you have an awesome idea for how you want your retaining wall to look, and it's different than the mainline Redi-Rock textures available?

Give us a call or fill out the form and tell us all about your idea, even if it's a little off-the-wall. We're excited to take a look at your idea and see if we can meet your needs. We've helped engineers, architects, cities, schools, and more to create beautiful and unique solutions for their specific projects. These custom molds combine with the proven, engineered Redi-Rock block design to create structural, aesthetic solutions.

Redi-Rock is a unique retaining wall company because we've had our own custom rubber mold shop since 2000. That means that we have the expertise you need to create the texture and look you want. We're ready to help, so contact us today!

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Custom Textures in Action

Custom Smooth texture

Custom Smooth Texture

This Custom Smooth Texture is available for projects that need a modern, clean look. This texture has been used on several projects in urban areas, and it looks awesome! Contact your local manufacturer if you're interested in using the Custom Smooth Texture in your area.

Custom Smooth Limestone

Custom Smooth Limestone Texture

This project in Horsham, West Sussex, England required a retaining wall to create a parking lot for a large supermarket alongside a busy highway.  The aesthetics and space saving design of the Custom Smooth Limestone Redi-Rock texture allowed the wall to be built within 3.3 feet (1 meter) of the curb line without the need for a crash barrier. 

Custom Ashlar Texture

Custom Ashlar Texture

The custom Ashlar texture is a great option for projects that need a more natural stone look with just 2 inches depth of texture as opposed to standard Redi-Rock textures which have up to 5.5 inches depth of texture. This is a great look for highway and bridge projects as well!

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