New gravity retaining wall option for walls up to 6 feet

Novum Wall by Redi-Rock: A smart, simple, versatile solution that will change the way you retain slopes, control water, create terracing, and manage grades. Novum Wall is an intelligent new machine-set wet cast alternative to Segmental Retaining Walls (SRWs) now available in the Northern PA from American Precast Industries.

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novum wall block dimensions

Block Details

Dimensions: 46 1/8 in x 20 in (plus face texture) x 9 in Area: 2.88 sq ft Weight: 610 lb +/- 30 lb depending on texture

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Why Novum Wall?

Novum Wall is the result of more than 20 years of earth retention research, solution testing, and real-world application. From the makers of Redi-Rock, this smaller block option bridges the gap between large block walls and hand-set SRWs.


Save Your Back With Machine-Set Installation

A machine-set alternative to segmental retaining walls (SRWs), Novum Wall’s practical dimensions and manageable weight make installation simple and straightforward. Small equipment like skid-steers and mini-excavators can handle Novum Wall installation in even the tightest spaces.

Ease Your Mind With Trusted Engineering

Novum Wall features Redi-Rock’s proprietary knob and groove technology for shorter gravity walls. Engineering resources for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls using Novum Wall’s friction and Positive Connection (PC) installation capabilities are currently in development. Find engineering resources here.


Solve Your Challenges in Retention and Erosion Control

Ideal for gravity walls up to 6 ft. tall, Novum Wall is an ideal solution for:

  • Shorelines: Overcome limited access and installation footprints like those found in lakefront residential projects
  • Developments: Add value to commercial projects by installing great-looking smaller walls
  • Transportation: Break into the transportation market by providing facing blocks perfectly suited for GRS-IBS bridge applications

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Textures That Pop

Ugly walls have no place in Novum Wall’s neighborhood. Locally, the Novum Wall Ridge texture is available. This face texture is so detailed you’ll swear the blocks were cut from the quarry!


ridge texture

Local Production = Freight Efficiency

Novum Wall blocks are manufactured locally in Clarion, PA. Minimize freight costs and ensure your project receives the blocks it needs, when it needs them. Contact Tom McConnell from American Precast Industries at 814-316-2754 or for availability.

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