Preliminary Wall Sections

Enter data specific to your site, then click "Search for Wall Sections" to gain insight into potential solutions for your wall scenario.

Your choice determines if wall height is measured in feet or meters.
Total wall height including buried section. Enter your wall height in increments of 1.5 feet. If you enter a wall height that is not in increments of 1.5 feet, your wall height will automatically update to the closest possible wall height. Contact our Engineering Department at 866-222-8400 about walls over 21 feet.
Select between four general soil types. General descriptions and an assumed internal angle of friction are provided for different soils. Care must be taken in this step. Soil determination should be performed by a person trained to evaluate soils as the selection of the internal soil strength has an important impact on wall analysis calculations.
Select flat areas, traffic loads, or slopes on the top of the wall. Note that sections with a slope at the bottom, or toe, of the wall are not shown here. A toe slope condition needs to be carefully analyzed based on detailed site conditions.

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