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Design proven, great-looking retaining walls for your next shoreline, retention pond, or channel

Redi-Rock®is a proven, precast modular block retaining wall system, created by engineers, for engineers. The Redi-Rock retaining wall system uses massive one ton blocks made of 4,000 PSI (27.6MPa) concrete. These walls are known to perform against freeze thaw cycles, marine environments, and record-setting storms. From flood walls to seawalls, Redi-Rock can help.

Channel Walls Protect Neighborhood from Flooding

When a sharp turn in a stream began eroding homeowners' yards in storm events, the city of Florence, Kentucky, needed a solution, and fast. "The ability to construct the wall without geogrid reinforcement was critically important to this project," explained Justin M. Verst, P.E. with Viox & Viox. "The construction space was tight."

Design Resources for Water Applications

Redi-Rock is a proven, engineered solution for water projects. Dig into Redi-Rock engineering resources here - including Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software, Design Charts, and more!

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Construction Details for Water Projects

Installing walls in water often requires special considerations. Find out the best way to install Redi-Rock walls in water application projects in the Redi-Rock Construction Details.

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redi-rock retaining wall water application guide

Will Redi-Rock Work in Water? Yes!

When it comes to water, not all retaining wall solutions are created equal. Download this Water Application Guide to see how Redi-Rock stacks up in seven different water scenarios. Inside this Guide, you'll find:

  • 8 Case Studies - From retention ponds to river rehabilitation, and channel walls to ocean quays, engineers have used Redi-Rock in an array of water applications before. Learn from their success!
  • Wall Cross SectionsYou don't have to stumble through a solution on your own. Look at other engineers' plans to get started solving your site scenario now. 
  • Technical Resources - You need more than just reliable products, you also need technical information to feel secure in your solution. Follow the links in the e-book to get the information you're after. 

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Redi-Rock for flood walls

Retaining Walls for Flood Management 

Protecting communities from flooding creates unique challenges for engineers and contractors. Redi-Rock can help! The integrated system of wall solutions from Redi-Rock can solve an array of issues where water arises, including providing flood protection. Click here to learn more about how Redi-Rock can be used specifically for flood protection!

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Water Retaining Wall Case Studies

Foryd Harbour

Foryd Harbour Enhancement Project, Rhyl, North Wales
This 24.3 foot (7.4 meter) tall Redi-Rock reinforced wall was installed to help expand a jetty and support the base of this pedestrian bridge. Two months after construction was complete, massive storms battered the UK, but the Redi-Rock wall withstood the storm and performed exactly as engineered.

Shoreline protection retaining walls
Fisher Residence, Shubenacadie Grand Lake, Nova Scotia

Years of  storm damage completely destroyed the natural-stone retaining wall between this home and the large inland lake, resulting in waves breaking at the home's doorstep. Redi-Rock Ledgestone blocks gave the owners the look they wanted while also protecting their home.

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Redi-Rock retaining walls for storm channel water management solutions
Morehead State Storm Channel, Morehead, Kentucky

An unsightly and heavily eroded storm channel at Morehead State University received a much-needed upgrade, transforming this part of campus. Redi-Rock gravity walls were a great fit for this application because of the design, engineered strength, efficiency, and superior aesthetics.

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Retaining walls for lining stormwater retention ponds at development
Centre Point Retention Pond, West Chester Township, Ohio

After the freeze-thaw cycle destroyed the rip-rap reinforcement of this storm water retention pond, West Chester Township needed a better solution to aid with erosion control. Redi-Rock was chosen for aesthetics and its durability in freeze thaw cycles. 

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Bridges in water - Redi-Rock retaining walls - GRS bridge in ocean
Beach Bridge, North Haven, Maine

A deteriorating marine bridge in Maine required a simpler soluition than the typical pile driven foundation. Learn how designers used a unique bridge solution that combined Redi-Rock and GRS-IBS technology to create a durable solution for this bridge.

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