[Webinar Recording] Robust Design Framework for Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls and Slopes

Dov Leshchinsky, Ph.D. developed the Limit Equilibrium Design Approach Addressing Essential Aspects of Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls and Slopes and he goes over it in this webinar

Webinar Overview

In the webinar, Leshchinsky covered:

  • The limitations of conventional limit equilibrium (LE) analysis and why engineers also need to consider local loading of an individual reinforcement including its connection load
  • A modified design framework enabling engineers to generate the Tension Map showing the distribution of reinforcement tension at a limit state
  • A series of instructive examples to illustrate the utility of the framework including internal stability, consideration of facing, horizontal movement, and bearing capacity

Leshchinsky’s paper, “Limit Equilibrium Design Framework for MSE Structures with Extensible Reinforcement,” was published in 2016 as FHWA-HIF-17-004 and was recognized by AASHTO in 2020 as an alternative design method for geosynthetic reinforced walls.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn how to apply the Limit Equilibrium Design Framework for your upcoming projects!

More About the Presenter

Dov Leshchinsky, Ph.D. is a geotechnical engineering expert with almost 40 years of experience - focusing mainly on comprehensive design methods for geosynthetic reinforced steep slopes and walls. As a professor at the University of Delaware for 32 years, Leshchinsky conducted research on slope stability, soil reinforcing, geosynthetics and dredged materials. He is a co-founder of ADAMA Engineering, Inc., where he has been involved with geotechnical consulting, course development, teaching, and speaking at international geotechnical events. He is well known for his creation of design-oriented computer programs that are used worldwide, as well as development of an award-winning unified framework for reinforced slopes and walls.

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