Redi-Rock Retaining Walls For Developments

Space, time, and money are all limited resources. That's why you need a retaining wall that will maximize usable land and install quickly on your next project. Redi-Rock is here to help.

How Can Redi-Rock Help Your Next Development?

Developers around the world are using Redi-Rock to create more space for their projects while maintaining a cohesive appearance. Watch the video to learn more about how Redi-Rock can help you capitalize on your next project!

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Gravity Walls

Gravity walls from Redi-Rock rely on the weight of the massive blocks to withstand the pressure of the earth, which means that they don't need any additional reinforcement. When developing a piece of property, that means reduced excavation, faster installation and building closer to lot lines. A gravity wall could be the solution that helps you convert a piece of unusable land into your next raging success!

Reinforced Walls

When it comes to maximizing a lot and developing it, reinforced walls from Redi-Rock can help get the job done! The revolutionary Positive Connection (PC) blocks allow for building walls over 50 feet (15 meters) that can also support heavy live loads. So, whether you need to create space for a road, parking lot, or your building, check out the potential of a reinforced wall to help solve your problem.

Freestanding Walls

Freestanding walls are above-grade and are textured on 2 or more sides, so you can have a great looking freestanding wall that coordinates with your retaining wall. Or, it can stand on its own. Freestanding walls are great for situations where you need to add force protection or just create a seat wall that matches the rest of your project.

Hybrid Walls

The best part of the Redi-Rock system is that all of the components work together providing maximum flexibility and versatility. When problems crop up on a jobsite, chances are that a hybrid solution from Redi-Rock can help you navigate to a viable solution. And, that solution will present a beautiful looking finished result no matter what the engineering demands are of your site scenario.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Development Potential

Download the ebook from Redi-Rock if you're looking to learn from others' creative solutions to their less than ideal lots. After checking out three case studies where developers solved their site problems using Redi-Rock, you'll be ready to start getting creative about your own site struggles!

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Development Case Studies

UDF Turns Prime Real Estate Into Buildable Lots with Retaining Walls

For United Dairy Farmers (UDF) – a mini-empire of nearly 200 upscale dairy/convenience/fuel stores in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana – to realize their growth strategy, they needed a little help. They turned to Redi-Rock Structures of OKI to help turn prime real estate into buildable lots.

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38,000 Redi-Rock Blocks Come Together to Create Friday Harbour Resort

The grand vision for Friday Harbour resort in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, was brought to fruition by 38,000 Redi-Rock blocks – the largest Redi-Rock project to date. The mixed-use development features a 1,000-slip marina as the focal point of this premiere boaters' destination.

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Gravity Walls Used in Creative Stormwater Management Plan

In a planned community like Emerald Hills, storm water management not only has to function well-it has to look good too. Redi-Rock helped engineers and architects find a creative solution for a roadway that dissected two retention ponds at one corner of the development.

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"You could tell it was just not a generic product...These walls just added so much more value to the building."

Ron Turner Turner Redi-Rock View the case study