XL Hollow Core Retaining Blocks

Redi-Rock XL is a new, hollow core retaining block that extends the reach of the most comprehensive retaining wall system on the market, making even taller gravity walls in tight spaces a short order.

Optimize Your Retaining Wall Design with Redi-Rock XL

At 36 inches (914 millimeters) tall and available in 52, 72, and 96-inch (1320, 1820, and 2440 millimeter) widths, optimizing your retaining wall design just got easier with Redi-Rock XL Hollow Core Blocks. With the three different sizes, you'll be able to take your walls to new heights while saving concrete at the same time!

Part of the Proven System

Even though it might look a little different with its hollow core, Redi-Rock XL blocks are compatible with all the other components of the Redi-Rock system. Start your design with XL and switch over to standard, solid blocks when design parameters allow!

Build Taller Gravity Walls

No room for reinforcement or setbacks? No problem! Available in three widths up to 96 inches (2440 millimeters), Redi-Rock XL makes it possible to build taller gravity walls in tight spaces.

Double the Face Coverage

At 36 inches (914 millimeters) tall -- twice the height of regular Redi-Rock blocks -- XL blocks double the face coverage for each pick during installation. No big deal. Wait...that's a pretty big deal!

Gravity Wall Reaches 25.5 Feet (7.8 Meters) with XL Blocks

When the excavation for a Redi-Rock gravity wall to make room for a new hangar at John C. Tune Airport in Nashville, Tennessee, unearthed geotechnical issues, it was time to go back to the drawing board to design a taller wall. View the case study to learn how retaining wall designer Clint Hines, P.E. optimized the wall with over 800 XL blocks, achieving a max height of 25.5 feet (7.8 meters).

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Same Looks You Love

Redi-Rock XL blocks come with the same natural stone textures you've grown to love in the rest of the system. Currently available in Ledgestone, Cobblestone, and Kingstone, Redi-Rock XL allows you to provide a natural stone appearance in an engineered package.

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Engineering Resources

Like the rest of the system, Redi-Rock XL comes with the engineering resources to back it up!

Design Resource Manual

With an overview of every block in the system and preliminary design charts, you'll be well on your way to design success with Redi-Rock XL when you get your copy!

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Construction Details

From block infill calculations to typical drainage details, check out the XL construction details. They will get you started on the right path to optimize your design and install of XL.

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Software to Design & Analyze

Redi-Rock Wall+ Software includes Redi-Rock XL, so you can model and test the most intricate geotechnical troubles you might encounter and analyze your cross sections with XL.

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"XL units really help us get above the 15-foot height with maintaining the standard Redi-Rock 5-degree batter and helps us build taller structures in a narrower footprint."

Clint Hines, P.E. Principal at JC Hines & Associates Read the Case Study