Wall-Wise: Will Redi-Rock Work for Parking Lot Projects?

redi-rock cobblestone retaining wall for parking lot

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If you’re challenged with maximizing parking or driveway space in a commercial or residential scenario, a quality retaining wall could be the solution you’re looking for. Redi-Rock large block retaining walls are an excellent choice when grade changes make installing vehicular infrastructure difficult.

The Base Course

Short on time? Here are this article’s key takeaways…

Use Redi-Rock to mitigate grade changes, maximize parking and driveway space, or ensure safe handling of live loads.

Taller walls in smaller spaces can be achieved with gravity blocks.

Top-of-wall barriers or fencing can be added to Redi-Rock walls.

Redi-Rock is a smart choice to tackle commercial and residential driveway and parking wall challenges.

Taller Walls for Commercial Jobs

Redi-Rock’s large size and proprietary knob and groove technology often means a gravity wall can handle most parking lot or driveway projects. Since gravity walls don’t require reinforcement with geotextiles or soil anchors, excavation behind the wall is minimal, making installation much simpler. This is especially helpful when the wall is installed adjacent to an active construction site or busy roadway, which is often the case with commercial properties.

The mass of Redi-Rock also allows it to be used for taller gravity walls, sometimes reaching 20 ft (6 m) or more without requiring reinforcement.

Installs in Smaller Spaces

When working with commercial land, accessing extra space for installation isn’t usually an option. And homeowners always appreciate avoiding damage or disruption to their lawns and landscaping. Installers overcome project site size limitations with Redi-Rock’s gravity wall capabilities. They install Redi-Rock gravity walls that handle substantial live loads in spaces most alternative solutions simply can’t.


Hosts Barriers with Ease

Whether your wall is gravity, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) / reinforced, freestanding, or hybrid, Redi-Rock is engineered to host a variety of top-of-wall barriers, including fencing and parapet walls. Redi-Rock’s Freestanding Hollow-Core blocks simplify securing fencing to your wall. Ultimately, you’ll install with peace of mind knowing that Redi-Rock’s multi-phase performance testing ensures that American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and International Building Code (IBC) load requirements can be met.


Direct-From-The-Quarry Good Looks

You don’t have to settle for plain, unattractive walls for high-visibility projects like parking lots and driveways. Redi-Rock is produced in multiple textures and colors, which vary based on your local manufacturer's offerings.

The Conclusion

With so many variables and competing needs, parking lot and driveway walls can often represent the most difficult phase of a project. Wall designers and contractors count on Redi-Rock’s engineered versatility, simple installation, and aesthetic appeal to tackle significant grades, install in tight spaces, host fencing, and look great. Explore the many advantages of Redi-Rock to see just how simple and smooth your next parking or driveway wall project can be.

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