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From rescuing a washed-out roadway on New Zealand’s Pacific coast to supporting the 2018 Winter Olympic Games’ bobsleigh course in the Republic of Korea, engineers and wall designers across the globe use Redi-Rock to conquer their toughest retaining wall challenges.

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Family-owned and operated since its inception in 2000, Redi-Rock designs, manufactures, and licenses premium-grade steel forms and molds to a network of more than 130 local producers around the world.

Local producers use these forms and molds to craft large concrete retaining wall blocks that engineers and wall designers use to maximize buildable space, protect and preserve land, and support vital community infrastructure.

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Is a Redi-Rock Precast Concrete Retaining Wall a Fit for Your Project?

Engineers use Redi-Rock to solve an array of daunting land and marine challenges. Chances are good that a Redi-Rock solution has been applied to a scenario similar to yours. With just a few pieces of information from your site, the Redi-Rock Preliminary Wall Section tool can recommend potential solutions for your project.

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What Does Redi-Rock Cost?

We go the extra mile to break down the factors that determine the total price of a Redi-Rock retaining wall from your local producer, including the important lifetime value consideration.

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