Wall-Wise: Will Redi-Rock Work for Recreation Trail Projects?

Redi-Rock freestanding walls for park

The benefits of recreation trail networks are undisputed. In addition to the obvious health and recreation benefits, trail networks offer tremendous economic value. A 2019 study reported that trail-based activities in the state of Washington alone contributed $8.2 billion to the state’s economy. Trails are big business so it’s no surprise that countless new trails are built annually by government agencies, non-profit organizations, local community groups, and public-private partnerships. If there was ever a solution perfectly suited to support, enhance, and expand recreational trail networks with its versatility, durability, efficient installation, and naturally great looks, it’s Redi-Rock.

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The Base Course

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Recreation trail expansion remains a popular way to drive economic growth and create healthier populations.

Redi-Rock is uniquely qualified to satisfy some of the most demanding requirements of trail retaining walls.

Versatility, durability, simple installation, and nature-inspired deep textures make Redi-Rock the popular choice for trail architects, engineers, and installers.

When you choose Redi-Rock for your trail walls, you select a solution that won’t get in the way of the natural beauty surrounding the trailway.

Wall options for any installation

Recreational trails come in many shapes and sizes. With uses hosting hiking, biking, horseback riding, and motorized vehicle adventuring, different trail types demand support infrastructure tailored to their uses and terrain. Redi-Rock’s versatility – including gravity, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE), and hybrid walls – allows trail engineers to overcome terrain and topography challenges like rock formations, soil conditions, or steep grades.

redi-rock ledgestone wall for bike path

Handle challenging terrain

From lush forests to rocky hills to rushing rivers, trails wind through a variety of difficult terrain. Preserving the natural features bounding the trail while installing a reliable wall requires a trusted solution backed by abundant installation and technical resources. Architects, designers, and engineers also appreciate Redi-Rock’s Preliminary Wall Section tool, which allows them to input their basic project data and review wall recommendations specific to their site.

redi-rock ledgestone wall being installed

Ensure a safe user experience

A degree of risk is inherent to outdoor adventuring, but safety still comes first when using retaining walls to provide access to the outdoors. Redi-Rock blocks are engineered to make adding fencing, parapets, or other top-of-wall barriers to trail walls, simple and secure. Review Redi-Rock’s Barrier and Fencing Construction Details for a deeper dive into fitting your trail walls with these important safety features.

redi-rock ledgestone wall for bike path in colorado

The most natural-looking block available

Redi-Rock is produced with structural-grade air-entrained wet cast concrete, delivering superior durability and moldability. Using wet cast concrete allows Redi-Rock’s local producers to craft a variety of deeply textured blocks in various colors that look like they were carved from the quarry. Textures and colors vary regionally so inquire with your local Redi-Rock producer for availability.

With wet cast durability, loads of installation assistance, superior versatility including the ability to host top-of-wall barriers, and rugged good looks that blend beautifully with surrounding landscapes, Redi-Rock large block retaining walls deliver across-the-board for trail projects. When your outdoor recreation project calls for a solution that’s effective, safe, simple to install, and looks great, consider making Redi-Rock your trail companion.

Curious about what’s required to bring the advantages of Redi-Rock to your next recreational trail project? We’ve developed a handy guide that outlines the simple steps.

View the Process

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