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Redi-Rock is an ideal solution for railroad retaining walls. It handles live loads, supports slopes, and looks great while doing it!


When it comes to critical railroad infrastructure, only the most technically sound solutions will suffice. Whether your next railway project needs to support a live load, cross a wetland, hold up an embankment, eliminate a switch, or even elevate a track, Redi-Rock can help.

Redi-Rock precast modular block (PMB) products and accessories are made of first-purpose, air-entrained, wetcast concrete that will stand the test of time. The broad range of massive blocks can be used to build gravity, reinforced, freestanding or hybrid walls, and the system is backed up by a wealth of engineering resources and a technical support team to help you tackle your toughest rail projects. With natural stone textures, the solutions look great, too!

Gravity Walls

In many scenarios, tall gravity walls can be used to simplify rail projects. With no need for tiebacks, the massive PMBs stack up like giant Lego blocks to hold back the earth with their mass. The patented knob and groove technology provides a strong sheer interface connection, as well as makes the proper setback angle easy to achieve. With the easy installation sequence, track closures and downtime can be kept to a minimum!

Reinforced Walls

When walls need to hold up really heavy live loads or reach extreme heights, the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) blocks can get the job done. The revolutionary mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall system combines the massive stability and beautiful cast face textures of Redi-Rock with the established performance of a weight-independent geogrid reinforcement. In addition to the same strength connection from the top of the bottom of the wall to the top, the strips of geogrid wrap through a core slot cast into the block, so there's no need to worry about the adverse impact of metal fasteners or reinforcement interacting with stray electrical current. Walls designed with PC blocks can meet the most demanding structural needs, including meeting AASHTO LRFD and AREMA specifications. 

Hybrid Walls

Hybrid solutions are an option with the Redi-Rock system because all wall types can be combined to create integrated wall solutions.Whatever the engineering demands are behind the wall, the face of the wall presents a cohesive solution. Mix and match the wall types you need to get the engineered result you're after for your next rail project. 

Freestanding Walls

Redi-Rock Freestanding blocks can create parapet, barrier or force protection options to provide top of wall safety functionality. With texture on two sides, freestanding blocks can be used to create a stand-alone wall or be used with other wall types to complete the integrated wall solutions.

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Design Resources for Railway Applications

Redi-Rock has a wide variety of design resources available to keep you on the right track as you design your next railroad project. Click below to check them out!

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Construction Details for Rail Projects

You probably don't have all the livelong day to figure out how Redi-Rock walls are built - so check out the construction details library for some tips and tricks on the most common construction layouts!

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Redi-Rock Railroad Case Studies

retaining walls for railroad live loads - Redi-Rock CN railroad

Canadian National (CN) Railway Project

In 2011, the Canadian National (CN) Railway and the Montreal Metro began construction on a major renovation project. The goal of the project was to eliminate an at-grade crossing where the CN Rail line crossed over the Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM) light commuter Metro line. Take a look at how engineers utilized the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System's ability to handle massive loads to complete this incredible project. 

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Holding back banks near railroad using retaining walls - Redi-Rock Railrunner

New Mexico Rail Runner Express Project

When the Rail Runner Express commuter train in New Mexico needed retaining walls and bridge abutments along the rail line, engineers chose the Redi-Rock retaining wall system for it's versatility and proven track record. Read on to see how this project incorporated both Redi-Rock gravity walls and Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System walls to meet the requirements of this railway project.

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Redi-Rock LDH Energy rail yard

LDH Energy Rail Yard Renovation

After sitting un-used for 30 years, this rail yard needed to be renovated before LDH Energy could begin using it. The yard includes three rail lines that cross over the top of a concrete box culvert flanked by deteriorating wooden cross tie retaining walls that had to be replaced in order to support the rails. Find out why engineers chose the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System as the best solution for this project.

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Redi-Rock Railway Project Spotlights

Metro-North Railroad Used Redi-Rock Gravity Walls to Navigate Wetlands

Metro-North Railroad, which runs service between New York City and its northern suburbs in New York and Connecticut, used Redi-Rock gravity walls along existing rail lines while navigating wetlands and active rail activity. Mid Hudson Concrete Products partnered with Civil Design Professionals and Ecco III Enterprises to bring this solution to fruition.

Montreal REM Light Rail Transit Used Redi-Rock Gravity Walls

Reseau Express Metropolitain (REM) expanded their service capabilities in the Greater Montreal area using Redi-Rock gravity walls along rail corridors. Fortier 2000 Redi-Rock partnered with LDA Services Conseils for the wall design and NouvLR for wall installation.

Southwest Green Line LRT Utilized Hybrid Redi-Rock Solution

The Southwest Green Line LRT in Minneapolis took shape with a hybrid wall featuring both gravity and reinforced sections utilizing the smooth texture. Eull's Redi-Rock partnered with Blackstone Contractors for the wall installation and Gray Engineering for the wall design. AECOM and WSP led the project's planning and engineering.

BNSF & Illinois Tollway Expanded with 15-Foot (4.6-Meter) & 18-Foot (5.5-Meter) Temporary Walls 

The Illinois Tollway (i-294) and BNSF used Redi-Rock XL, a hollow-core block with twice the face coverage as standard Redi-Rock blocks, for temporary walls for a highway and railway expansion. Minnick Services partnered with Woolpert for wall design and Walsh Construction for wall installation.

Union Pacific Leveraged Redi-Rock Gravity Walls in Chicago Area

Railroads often use Redi-Rock to stabilize their tracks and enhance the aesthetics of urban areas with Redi-Rock. Minnick Services partnered with Union Pacific on this gravity wall transformation in the Chicago region.


Toronto Metrolinx Expanded with Redi-Rock Gravity Walls to Better Connect Toronto

The Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown will provide a midtown connection between east and west Toronto. Miller Group Redi-Rock partnered with Perzia Geosolutions for the wall design and Verdi Alliance for wall installation. 


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