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Redi-Rock is an ideal solution for railroad retaining walls. It handles live loads, supports slopes, and looks great while doing it!

The Redi-Rock® Positive Connection (
PC) System is a revolutionary mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall system that combines the massive stability and beautiful cast face textures with the established performance of geogrid reinforcement. The result is a superior retaining wall system specifically developed to meet the most demanding structural needs. 

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The Redi-Rock PC System:

  • Features a superior, weight-independent connection
  • Addresses the long-term connection requirements in the AASHTO LRFD specifications
  • Utilizes a corrosion-free reinforcement system without special connection components
  • Increases wall height with reduced geosynthetic reinforcement requirement
  • Incorporates a massive, ¾ ton, wet cast, air-entrained concrete block facing unit
  • Offers the incomparable durability of "wet cast", air-entrained concrete
  • Simplifies the wall construction sequence resulting in faster installation
  • Improves the overall project aesthetic with a variety of standard face textures and colors

Design Resources for Railway Applications

Redi-Rock has a wide variety of design resources available to keep you on the right track as you design your next railroad project. Click below to check them out!

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Construction Details for Rail Projects

You probably don't have all the livelong day to figure out how Redi-Rock walls are built - so check out the construction details library for some tips and tricks on the most common construction layouts!

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Redi-Rock In Action:

retaining walls for railroad live loads - Redi-Rock CN railroad

Canadian National (CN) Railway Project

In 2011, the Canadian National (CN) Railway and the Montreal Metro began construction on a major renovation project. The goal of the project was to eliminate an at-grade crossing where the CN Rail line crossed over the Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM) light commuter Metro line. Take a look at how engineers utilized the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System's ability to handle massive loads to complete this incredible project. 

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Holding back banks near railroad using retaining walls - Redi-Rock Railrunner

New Mexico Rail Runner Express Project

When the Rail Runner Express commuter train in New Mexico needed retaining walls and bridge abutments along the rail line, engineers chose the Redi-Rock retaining wall system for it's versatility and proven track record. Read on to see how this project incorporated both Redi-Rock gravity walls and Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System walls to meet the requirements of this railway project.

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Redi-Rock LDH Energy rail yard

LDH Energy Rail Yard Renovation

After sitting un-used for 30 years, this rail yard needed to be renovated before LDH Energy could begin using it. The yard includes three rail lines that cross over the top of a concrete box culvert flanked by deteriorating wooden cross tie retaining walls that had to be replaced in order to support the rails. Find out why engineers chose the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System as the best solution for this project.

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Your Complete Wall Solution for Rail: Photos

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