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Designing critical wall structures is important work - and you need the best resources available to help you do your job. You'll find them here!

Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual

The Redi-Rock® Design Resource Manual

This manual is simplified, optimized, and focused to help make your job easier. It includes a detailed block library of every block in the Redi-Rock arsenal, an installation manual, construction details, FAQs, and more. 

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A presentation is a great way to learn about the solutions available with Redi-Rock, including the technical details you need to get started designing Redi-Rock walls. Our knowledgeable staff can coordinate in-person or online meetings with PDH hours to meet your team's needs. 

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Redi-Rock Wall+ Software (RRWall+)

Redi-Rock offers a free, robust software program from Fine software, the developers of the GEO5 geotechnical suite of software, to help build confidence in your retaining wall designs.

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Redi-Rock Block Library for Designers

Block Library

Redi-Rock is a versatile system with  block types that made designing custom walls possible! Get block dimensions and weights for any block in the Redi-Rock system here!

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Redi-Rock Design Charts

Preliminary Height Guides

Preliminary Height Guides are a great way to get an idea of the best solution for your site! These are optimized wall solutions for your soil and loading conditions.

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Redi-Rock Construction Details for Designers

Construction Details

How do you build Redi-Rock walls? It's pretty simple, but there are some helpful tips and tricks! Find some of the most common construction details here.

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Redi-Rock Specs and Product Data Sheets for Designers

Specifications & Product Data Sheets

Need specifications and product data sheet for your next project? You'll find them here!

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Redi-Rock Testing reports for engineers

Testing Reports

Redi-Rock is rigorously tested to ASTM and NCMA standards. Find interface shear testing data as well as connection testing reports here!

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Who else is designing projects using

Redi-Rock is a retaining wall system designed for engineers, by engineers. What do they have to say about the Redi-Rock walls they've designed? 

"Having a good looking retaining wall that is also structurally sound enough to support those kinds of loads ... The Positive Connection retaining wall produced by Redi-Rock was absolutely ideal for this."

John McKervey, PE
JM Engineering
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Redi-Rock Walls for Designers

"Everyone's really happy with the way this looks ... it's gotten great reviews and looks very natural to the environment. I think we're getting good reaction to it."

Joe Daley
Architect/Project Manager
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Redi-Rock Walls for Designers

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